Ako is a part of the namekian race. He and Lord Slug are the only surviving Super Nameks. He was banished to a far away planet because the Namekians feared him since he was born with a power level of 23,000.


Ako looks just like Piccolo except he wears boots like Goku and red pants he also wears Nail 's robe-like thing.

List of TechniquesEdit

  • Purple Fury - Ako has somehow gained the ability to use the Purple Fury.
  • Special Beam Cannon - Ako learned the Special Beam Cannon during his fight with piccolo.
  • Light Grenade - Ako learned the Light Grenade during his fight with piccolo.
  • Kamehameha - Ako learned this technique during his fight with gohan.

Special AbilitesEdit

  • Stretchiness - The Namekian ability to stretch parts of their body.
  • Regeneration - The Namekian ability to regrow lost limbs.

Major BattlesEdit

Second MovieEdit

  • Ako (Super Namekian) vs Eko SS
  • Ako SN vs Gotek SS
  • Ako SN vs Eko SS & Gotek SS
  • Ako SN vs Krillin (Kaio-Ken x10 - x120)
  • Ako (giant form) vs Gotek SS & Eko SS

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