Android 100 is an Android who appears in Dragon Ball Infinity. He is powerful, but was killed quickly by Infinite Saiyan Gohan. When he is destroyed, Android 100 became the left leg part of Android 3000. Not that much else is known about him.


Android 100 has tan skin. He looks like a hippie, he has short, brown hair, and he is about 6 feet tall.


He was strong enough to beat Super Saiyan 10 Goku. He was easily beaten by Gohan, though.


Evil Beam - An attack similar to the Kamehameha. The more evil in the user, the stronger the attack is.

Energy Absorb - Android 100 is a mixture of Infinite Energy model and Energy Absorbtion model, so he absorbs power.

100 Cannon Attack - 100 holds out his arms and rapid fire energy blasts come out of his hands.

I Will Destroy You! - An attack used in rage to blow up the enemy with an eye beam attack.

Death Beam - Learned from Frieza in Other World. He never used the attack

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