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Arctic was made when Super Buu and Majin Buu fused, but Frieza got in the way. Frieza was controling the body, so he named himself Arctic.


Arctic figured he had enough strength to rule the world! He wanted to but, Goku already did. (But, he was a GOOD ruler) Arctic had to battle Goku to be able to rule the world so, he went to Goku's house (That took ten minutes) and they had a long talk about ruling the world (five minutes) Then they started fighting. Arctic was victorious! Until Dende pops out of nowhere and heals Goku!! (10 minutes taken from fight) Then Goku and Arctic got back into action! Blasts went everywhere! (4 minutes and 30 seconds) Then Arctic charged his Ultimate attack! (15 seconds) and told Goku about the blast and how he would not survive!! (12 seconds) Arctic then said PREPARE TO DIE! (3 SECONDS!) Arctic unfused and became Frieza, Super Buu, and Majin Buu once again!!!

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