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"I do apologize for the inconvenient. I have faced so many battles that I sometimes forget what it felt like. But every battle to me is a new one, so try and do your best and don't hold back. For I am Banrot, a Saiyan Master! Known aswell as a Shujin."

Anime name Banrot
Manga name Ban
Appears in Dragon Ball Resurge
Race Shujin
Gender Male
Height 6'7ft
Likes Tranquility;


Dislikes Disturbance
Family Sha (Brother)

Levinz (Half-Brother)

Sebox (Brother and former apprentice)

Unknown Shujin (Father)

Banrot  is a very powerful warrior, belonging to the trio of the Saiyan Masters (more commonly known as the Shujins). He represents the element of Water and Nature. He is the eldest of the trio and the wisest as well. He is the carrier of the Pearl Orb and the Universe Ten counterpart of Gohan, from Universe Seven. 


Banrot was born before the Saiyan-Tuffle war, along with his two brothers. While a kid, he was very calm and kind with many people, always wanted to enjoy hanging out in the forests and going to the the sea, but his father was not the one to applaud this behaviour, since a Shujin warrior must have a ruthless and an merciless spirit. Banrot continued to ignore his father and tried to persuade the path towards a stronger and respectful warrior. During his coming of age, he discovered that he has a natural ability to use water as his "weapon", by using a telekenesis skill that allows him to lift up an entire sea. Until he reached the age of 50, he was made part of The Shujin Trio, with his two brothers: Sha and Levinz

Although he was destined to greatness and to become a Budha-like fighter, resorting to moves that did not cause too much pain to his foes (unless it should be really necessary), his fate was sealed when he discovered that he carried an internal illness which for each year that passed it grow and cause further damage to his body internally. Banrot decided to not let his brothers know about the illness, and he kept it a secret for many years. However, after accidentaly caughing some blood, Sha immediately recognized the main synthom of such illness and found out about how Banrot was slowly dying. Banrot, however, stated that he will not back down just yet, and instead leaving the illness to slowly kill him, still training himself to the fullest.

Banrot was supposed to become the leader, due to his ackowledgement of most situations and to his philosophy, but, eventually, he thought that the position of leader should be passed to someone without an illness and with a more ruthless spirit but merciful warrior, thus giving Sha's position as leader. Banrot saves Sha and Levinz in most situations and he's considered a valuable member to be reckoned with. Being the wisest one, he was the one that helped both Sha and Levinz mature. He was the one that taught his younger brothers about the Interblend, the fusion of three powerful Shujins into a mighty and unbeatable warrior. This was a crucial key to defeat the Ice Shujin Zyn and True Nightmare.

After nearly 70 years passed, Banrot was on top physical and psychological shape. He trained a young Sebox and helped Levinz train Sendra, both of them becoming Shujin warriors and gaining their own Mystical Orbs respectivelly. Ironically, both Sebox and Sendra turned evil and used their Shujin powers for their own wicked desires. Sebox wanting to control the Universe and Sendra wanting to exact revenge on the Shujins for attempting to banish her (though it was only Sha who tried). Managing to defeat Sebox many years ago, Sendra's outcome was different. As Banrot's sickness was getting even more fatal, Sendra attacked an almost-dead Banrot. Non-intentionally she killed Banrot after striking him with a simple ki-infused punch after stunning him with a Fate Distortion. Sha arrived to try and save Banrot but it was already too late. As Banrot was dying, his last words to Sha was that he should've believed him about Sendra but she can still be turned to the good side. Apologising to Sha because of his unwanted illness and wishing him good luck on his future, he died on his brother's arms.


Banrot possesses a green/purple fighting Gi, with a black belt, grey wristbands and pants. His dark hair is stretched upwards, similar to his brother Sha, with a green headband. He also possesses a scar on his left eye, possibly due to a battle that he has faced.


  • Fly;
  • Full Power Energy Wave (Green colored);
  • Full Power Energy Ball;
  • Saiyan Shield (his signature move);
  • Explosive Wave
  • Sea Strike (A barrage of rush attacks);
  • Saiyan Spirit;
  • Painless Bind (Banrot strikes his foe with a rapid ki shot that pierces and stuns him to a nearby object or person);
  • Light Of Fate (Banrot's ultimate technique, where he created a huge white light in the sky, filled with Ki, then strikes the opponent with a massive strenght).


Banrot ssj

What-If Super Saiyan transformation (by DB-Own-Universe-arts


  • It's possible that Banrot is the mentor of Razgriz, since both know the "Saiyan Shield", which is one of Banrot's signature attacks;
  • There is an image that shows him in a Super Saiyan form, although he never used this transformation.

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