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Chapter 1-On the Line of Judgement

Bardocks last moments were painful, but pleasant. It was a fire which consumed him in mind and flesh, melding visions with pain, and hope with death. He could not change the future, but he was fine with that. That bastard Frieza would be dead, at the hands of his son of all people. He died in pain, but died proud. If only he himself could pull out Frieza heart and gift it to his king.

Bardock was at the check in, bored in line. Not bored, more ashamed. He had just died a heroic death, and saw visions of a glorious future. Now he was on a stupid line with a bunch of souls, probably going to rot in hell for eternity. The searing flames he died in were far from over. He peaked over a few souls, to see what was in front of him. What came to him was a rather strange sight. It was a gargantuan red man, sitting bored at an enormous red desk. It amazed Bardock how he could be so nonchalant signing off the eternal fate of so many souls. He then questioned why he himself killed so many people, innocent people. He wondered how many souls that waited in this line were ones that he had killed. If only he had killed Frieza when he could. He could have saved his entire race. There was no pride in his fate. He was just the father of a good man who got what he deserved. He then thought of every single body piled up, every single child crying over his father he would never see again because of him. Being in his own mind was much worse than any eternal fire. With every soul that stepped forward in line, his heart added an extra beat until he was sure it would explode. He knew that he would have to stand at that desk, looking up at he who would pass judgement on him, just as he knew deep down from his visions that he would have to die in battle at the hands of Frieza. He knew here would be no stopping his time from coming.

His heartbeat was a clock. drove him mad. He wanted to know his fate now, but he never wanted to face it. He was confused, lost and on the verge of losing his mind. He went over every pro and con of his life, which is when he realized how evil he was. Spare a moment with his comrades and he was no better than Frieza himself, minus the betrayal. He was once again driven insane, trying to find one real good thing he did. He found nothing. He wished he could go back in his life, to know before that this would happen so he wouldn't have lead a life of unspeakable acts. But it was too late. He stood at the middle or the check in, below the desk. It cast a massive shadow over him. There was no light in his mind, so he hoped to thrive off of visual light. Now he could see and think nothing more than complete darkness.

He wondered if his comrades suffered the same fate. If he could see Toma again, he might not suffer as much. But he really wished he could meet him in heaven instead of a pit of darkness. But he knew bad men get what they deserve. But he remembered he was a saiyan warrior. He was heartless, mercyless, and without a breif moment of weakness. Dismal agony should have been nothing more than another day for him.

The line began to diminish. So many souls walked the bad path, where a demon stood there. Bardock has disgusted by how cheery he was to send people off to an eternity of suffering. Bardock wanted to take his smirk and tear it off, but such a thing wouldn't have helped his chances of heavenly bliss. He just decided to pretend he wasn't there, just a buzzing in the background. There was one soul in line in front of him. He was an old, frail man who quivered and twiched like some invisible force was shaking him. He looked up at the gargantuan red being, almost in tears. The red man stapped a paper, sending a shockwave deep into the very marow of Bardock's bones. He saw a single bitter tear fall from the man's eye as he walked off to the Hell line. Bardock felt his hot, vengful Saiyan blood begin to heat up. A boiling steaming rage not only directed at this heartless red man, but at himself. His anger grew as the man walked past the smiling demon on his way to damnation. Bardock couldn't take it anymore. He was so furious, he needed to release it, to kill, destroy, maim, annihilate something. He felt the raw Saiyan desire to kill, but he quickly suppressed it. It was called blind rage for a reason. It had clouded his eyes, and sent him here.

The true spirit of a good man is only shown at the gates of death

Only in the face of blackness can it be seen if the light exists.

Chapter 2-Following Bad Men

Getting sent to Hell was like a slap to the face. He was told by the universe that he was evil, that he did not deserve anything more than suffering. The universe was probably right. But that was then, and this was now. Now Bardock was face down in the ground, unsure of what to do or where to go.

"Get up" a voice shouted in a very direct, angry tone. Bardock stood up and saw his king. He wasn't as strong as he always looked. His eyes were empty. He looked broken and empty, but still strong, like an empty suit of armor. Bardock saw him and got down on his knees and bowed. "My King, it's nice to see you...well, not exactily nice."

King Vegeta walked towards Bardock and said "You're...dead...but that means..."

"Yes. Frieza destroyed the entire saiyan race. He took out the entire planet all with one attack. I've never seen anything like it."

King Vegeta paused for a moment and responded "That monster. All because of the rebellion. Do you know if somebody killed the bastard?"

"I'm not sure sir. He killed all of us, but I don't remember him doing anything else. I would assume he's still out there. But...there's something I should tell you" Bardock said

"If it has anything to do with giving Frieza what he deserved, I'm all ears" King Vegeta said, his voice mixed in with a bit of interest and anger.

Bardock pondered over every word he was about to say. He was going to tell the king about his son, and how he would be the one to defeat Frieza. But Vegeta was always an envious ruler, and would often execute those who possed any kind of threat to him. He was amazed that he went so long without the king murdering him. He wondered if he would have died had Frieza not killed him. He realized how much like Frieza his king was. For his entire life he had served 2 of the same people, but why did he respect his king so much more than he did Frieza? Perhaps if he had died by his king, he would be standing by Frieza right now, bowing down to him. But there was no time for thoughts such as these. Vegeta deserved to know what his son would do

Bardock gathered all of his will and said "I saw a vision before I died. son. I saw him and Frieza. He is meant to defeat him. Kakarot."

Vegeta looked straight into Bardock's eyes with his. Bardock saw now that his eyes were just cold, hollow voids of whiteness, showing no life or emotion. He said "You must be mad Bardock. Death will do wierd things to you. There is no way your son will kill Frieza. If anyone, it will be my son, the prince. I've been training him his whole life. And you think some newborn is going to kill him?"

Bardock felt a knife through his heart. He had felt so much love for his son after seeing his vision, but now the king was coming out and saying that his son would be the one to kill him? The flame in Bardock's heart had not died, and once again turned him into a furnace of anger. He was just envious as always, unable to comprehend that the universe doesn't revolve around him and his bloodline. But Bardock began to cool down. He was right, Kakarot had a power level of almost nothing, a mere blip on the scouter. The prince's was almost a legend, a child with power beyond anything ever seen before. Not even Bardock, nor the king, had shown that kind of power at his age. But yet, he saw what he saw, and his visions had yet to lie to him. Perhaps, he was destined to kill Frieza, or perhaps not. Bardock's thoughts were interrupted by two Frieza warriors blasting them from behind.

The future is such a fragile thing

The tide of time has yet to flow

The hero has yet to rise

The unbelievable truth has yet to become legend.

Chapter 3-They Have an Army

Bardock saw the flash of light and the burst of energy before he felt it, giving his searing pain an awful moment to build up. The blast send Bardock forwards, but he managed to get up and turn around towards his attackers. He was shocked, for instead of 2 warriors attacking him, he saw an entire army of Frieza's men. They must have been the minions that perished during Frieza's supernova. Bardock moved towards his King, and assumed a fighting stance. This would be one hell of a fight

Bardock lept into battle, the rush of combat feeling as exciting and new as ever. He almost felt like he was alive again, back when nothing mattered but killing. Bardock weaved around the yellow beams fired from the troops arm cannons, slowly making his way towards his enemies. As he got close, he could see the look of terror begging to form on their faces. He smiled, because he knew that they were afraid of him, because he was the strongest. He drove his fist into the chest of his nearest enemy, a reptilian creature. Bardock took a second to wait, and watch the pain on his face before he drove his fist even further into his abdomen, causing a small squirt of blood and fragments of armor to spray onto Bardock's face. Bardock removed his fist from his chest cavity, gave his foe a moment to reel back in pain, then knocked him out with a single roundhouse kick to the side of the head. Frieza's minions stared at Bardock, aware of what they were about to face. With a bit of hesitation, they all charged.

King Vegeta had his fair share of opponents as well. As Bardock was being attacked, so was he. Vegeta did nothing but fire a lazy Galick Gun at the soldiers with one arm. The glowing purple stream cut through a few lines of his foes. As more began to come towards him, he unleashed an energy wave that tore through the rest of the oposing force, causing a retreat.

Bardock glanced over at King Vegeta, and realized that he would need no help. As his enemies drew closer, Bardock began to charge his ki, forming a flowing blue arua around himself. Once they got close enough, bardock was ready to unleash. Bardock kicked the nearest troop in the shins, making him fall to the ground. Then, while he was down, Bardock jumped into the air, and landed on his chest. He spit out blood and laid there dead. Bardock felt more mercyful with the next one, simply lifting his hand up and blasting him, leaving nothing but a seared body. Bardock looked over the current wave of enemies to see another wave charging at him. He hastily grabed the ankle of the nearest foe, swinging him around in a circle. He picked up speed until he was at an insane pace of spinning. He looked like a small tornado, and a cloud of dust hung around him. All nearby troops were knocked down, but more still remained. Bardock then let go of his ankle, letting him fly through a wave of enemies, making them all fly in different directions. The projectile enemy was headed towards Vegeta, who, with excelent timing, elbowed the poor warrior in the side after he flew by, driving him into the ground, killing him instantly.

Vegeta felt the breath of an assultant behind him, but it was too late. Before he could turn around, a Frieza Soldier had raised his arm cannon to his head, and was ready to fire. Right when Vegeta was sure his life had come to an end, the enemy fell, dead from a blast to the back. "Nice to see you again, sir" the voice of a saiyan said from the distance "It's been too long"

The hot blood of battle flows through a warrior

But can their heart still beat for mercy?

Chapter 4-A Bit of Hope

Chapter 5-Yet Again, More Tormet

Chapter 6-Dethroned

Chapter 7-My Father, a Shame to my Race?

Chapter 8-High Class

Chapter 9-Bloodbath

Chapter 10-Fighting Spirit

Chapter 11-Kill All Saiyans

Chapter 12-Me, My Son, a Few Bastards, and the Fires of Hell

Chapter 13-FRIEZA!

Chapter 14-This Ends Now

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Chapter 15-The Road has been Paved

Chapter 16-Nothing More than a Low Class

Chapter 17-A Man with no Secrets

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