Bebidi (Beh-bih-dee) is the son of Babidi. He looks just like his brothers, Bobidi ,Bubidi, and Bybidi. He also looks like his father, Babidi, except he is blue.




He was made by Babidi when he spit out an egg from his mouth. (Like King Piccolo made Cymbal and Drum.) And he was born as an adult. He went out to destroy the Z-Fighters to defend his Father. And Babidi came to help him. When he was fighting Krillin, Krillin discovered he was no match for Bebidi. But, Krillin thought. If Bebidi was JUST made he knew that he wasn't smart. so he said "What's 5X7?" Bebidi was thinking he used his fingers to count and Krillin kicked him away. (Kinda like in the tournament in Dragon Ball the match Krillin Vs. Chiaotzu).


After teaching him all the math he needed to learn Bebidi forgot ALL the math that Babidi taught him so Babidi destroyed him.

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