Boreas is an Ice-Jin who roams the universe claiming to be a god. 


Boreas standing

Boreas First Form


Anime name Boreas
Alternate Names

God Boreas

Emperor of the Universe (Stolen Title)

Date of Birth ???

Frieza Race

Gender Male

4'6" (137.2cm)


Galactic Frieza Army (formerly)

Worshippers of Boreas (Leader)


Zephyrus (Sister)

Notos (Brother)

Eurus (Brother)


Pre-Age 737

Boreas is the youngest child of all four siblings, and thus is somewhat spoilt by them. Boreas has existed for nearly as long as Frieza has, and therefore his past is long and hazy. A long time ago he worked for Frieza's family as the head of a taskforce of Ice-Jins who were immensely more powerful than any other of Frieza's henchmen, and were also Boreas' family. King Cold eventually grew tired of them and sent them on missions far out to the edge of the galaxy. Unknown to everyone else, while at the edge of the galaxy he contrcted a virus, which presents no symptoms to anybody except the infected.

Post-Age 737

It was extremely long before they even returned , and when they did they found that Frieza had eliminated half of the warrior race called the Saiyans out of fear. This event caused Boreas to believe that because  he knew he was stronger than a (base) Saiyan that he could defeat Frieza, so this is what he set out to do. During his pursuit of this goal he recruited several allies from the planet Vegeta, including Raditz's son, Taman , and a half Saiyan called Suquash . He took to earth, after hearing that Frieza was headed there for revenge, but when they arrived, Frieza had already been killed. Seeing this as an oppurtunity Boreas fabricated a lie about him defeating Frieza, and stole his title of "Emperor of the Universe" using it as a tool to get races to fear and worship him. He has attempted to further his worship by claiming he is a god, and eliminating anybody who attpts to refute his claim, and he wishes to truly become a god.  The virus increases his longing to become a god, as becoming immortal will end the virus, and thus he seeks the dragon balls. 


Boreas is an incredibly selfish and arrogant person, due to believing he is worthy of being a god. He neglects others emotions to the point of offensive name-calling, and is disgusted whenever someone tries to touch him in any way. Boreas is also a compulsive liar, fabricaating the story that he killed Frieza to manipulate people to bend to his will. Aside from his superiority complex, he is terrified of death and his virus, knowing it to be the thing that will ensure he is never a god. Although he berates and antagonizes everyone, he still cares deaply for his taskforce and recruits, and becomes enraged if any of them are harmed.


As Boreas is a Ice-Jin he has all of the basic strengths, resistances, and powers of his race.


  • Bio Suit creation- Frieza's race possess the natural ability to grow natural armour that they can shed at any time.
  • Ki Blast- The most basic form of energy wave.
  • Finger Beam - A single, narrow ray emitted from the index finger of its user, similar in execution to the Death Beam.
  • Flight - The ability to fly through the manipulation of ki.
  • Supernova- A version of the death-ball, used to destroy planets. 


Boreas has several different forms in which his power level is decread as he goes further down the line, with his first form being the weakest of them.

Boreas Form 1


First Form

Boreas' first form is the one he uses most often as to not over-exert himslef. In this form he has three white horns jutting from the front of his head. His skin is a light green, with blue markings on either side of his face. He has emerals-green gems located on his head,  forearms, shins, and chest. Boreas' eyes are a startling gold, and he wears black to cover his legs, arms and torso, most of which is covered in his biosuit. He has a long light-green tail which remains coiled, and his shoulder armour juts out like shoulder pads.

Boreas Form 2


Second Form

Boreas' second form is extremely similar to his first form, with the only differences being the size, muscle mass, and extra horns, as well as the massive increase in power. 

Boreas Form 3


Third Form

Boreas' third form is not seen often, as he finds it ugly and uneccesary but is  larger than the second form, with noticable differences, such as an elongated head, more animal-like face, and and spikes protruding from the back of the bio-armour. It is also more powerful than the previous form. ​​​​​  

Boreas Form true


True Form

Boreas' fourth form is smaller than his previous forms, aside from the first. There are several noticable differences from the first form, including the absence of horns, the closed up collar, and a much more slender build. It is more powerful than all his previous forms.

Boreas Form trueenhanced


Enhanced Form

Boreas enhanced form is bigger and larger than his true form, with sharp fins on his arms and back, as well as on the side of his head. he is a lot faster and stronger than his previous forms.

Boreas Form truegolden


Golden Form

The golden form is fairly identical to the fourth form, aside from being a little stockier and incredibly more powerful. Notable differences include the torso extending to cover the pelvis area completely, and the obvious change in colour. 

Boreas Form truereborn


Boreas Reborn

When Boreas' body is almost destroyed in a fatal fight, he is reconstructed using bio-mechanics and namekian dna, which causes him to become stronger than ever before.