Brojack 1

Brojack, the fearful creation!

Brojack was a monster created By Nappa77. He is a fusion assumed when Broly and Bojack fused together. He only appears once in a dream Gohan has as a teen. Gohan's dream showed Goku and Vegeta being murdered by Brojack. Gohan apparently finds out it is Broly and Bojack fused because, Brojack had a name-tag on that said: "Hi I am the fusion of Broly and Bojack." So very angry Gohan attempts to kill Brojack for what he did by transforming into a Super Saiyan 2 . Brojack immediately

Brojack Full Power!

goes to his Full Power Form! But before anyone can attack, Gohan wakes up and has breakfast with Future Trunks....

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