Paragus: Come on broly, can't you just go bowling?

Broly: But how do I play?

Paragus: It's easy, you just throw the ball down the lane and knock the pins over, however, don't let it fall in the gutter.

Broly: That seems simple enough.(Throws ball down lane) This is easy!

Broly: Wait what! why aren't all of them knocked over?

Paragus: Because the ball was either not in the correct direction or it did not have enough speed.

Broly: Your saiyang I'm not fast! (Turns Super saiyan)

Paragus: Easy...Easy... Calm down broly.

Broly: Why check this out! (Fires eraser cannon down lane), There are the pins are knocked over, Is that better?

On the next lane.....

Goku: As a matter of fact, it isn't.

Paragus: OH NO!!!!!

Broly: KAKAROT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will defeat you in this mediocre game and then I will crush you!

Goku: Oh really I would like to see you try, and pick your ball.

Broly: Oh I already have one (Forms eraser cannon) Here it is, my lucky ball.

Goku: Well we will see who wins!

After 12 frames Goku wins with 289 and Broly only has 184.

Broly: Thats it! (Fires Eraser Cannon at Goku)

Goku: Thanks for the massage Broly! Now If you excuse me, I have to go home now, don't want to miss dinner!

Broly: WE WILL DUEL AGAIN KAKAROT!!!!! Can we play again?

Paragus: And here we go again!

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