Gohan using the Burning Laser Strike

Burning Laser Strike is an attack. It is, in some ways, customizable. Gohan's is yellow and thin. Goku's is blue, thin, and he controls its movements. Krillin's is red and large but can be dodged easily. Future Trunks' is green and incredibly fast. Goten's is like Krillin's. Present Day Trunks' is invisible but weak. Piccolo's is a beam of fire. Yamcha's is blue and small.


The Burning Laser Strike is a simple yet powerful technique. Future Trunks killed the evil version of himself with Burning Laser Strike. Gohan beat up Cyber Perfect Cell with Burning Laser Strike. Goku was getting beaten up, but he turned the tides of the battle with Burning Laser Strike(he was fighting Cyber Perfect Cell, but Goku didn't win the fight).

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