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When Super Buu absorbed Bojack, he became Buujack! Buujack not only being as strong as Super Baby Vegeta 2, he easily gets revenge on Gohan.




One time, for some reason Super Buu was walking when he saw Gohan SS2 battling Bojack. when Super Buu saw this he knew Bojack was SUPER STRONG!! Before Gohan could kill him Super Buu absorbed him! Becoming Buujack he punched Gohan in the stomach and left him there in pain. When Goku saw this he disapproved of this, he shook his head and gave gohan a Senzu Bean and they teamed up and flew as fast as possible to get to Buujack! When suddenly, something stopped them. A power level as strong as Super Baby 2! It went down to 1. Gohan and Goku flew as fast as possible to this power level. And when they got there, they saw Krillin with the Z-Sword for some reason and a dead Buujack i front of him! But the Z-Sword had some blood on the tip but a HUGE scar on Buujack! It was final! Krillin had defeated Buujack!

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