Chapter 1 Edit

Kuhan:Pan give me the Gaaaame!

Pan: Only if you make daddy buy me a puppy.

Gohan:What's going on here?

Kuhan:Pan wont give me my DSD.

Meanwhile in HFIL

Kid Buu:Hehehe.

Kid buu absorbs Janemba.

Tien: What's that power?

  • Teleporting noise*

Buunemba: It was me.

Tien:Wha-Dodon Ray!

  • Buunemba: reflects blast at chaoutzu killing him*

Vegeta:Final FLASH!

Buunemba: Heehehe that didn't even sting.

Vegeta: Well Try it when i'm a Super Saiyan 3!

Vegeta: Ultimaaaaaaaaaaaate Fiiiiiiiinal FLAAAAAAAAAASH!!

Buunemba: What!? *Buunemba rips off his arm and flings it far*

Buunemba: Hehehe *Buunemba's body is ahniallated* *Buunemba's arm flings through Kuhan's window*

Kuhan: Daddy What is this?

Gohan: wait, it's growing!?

Buunemba: Why hello.

Gohan: Kuhan, Pan run get to grandpa.

Meanwhile By Tien

Yamcha: Are you ok Tien?

Tien: Yeah sure Yamcha.

Yamcha:Good I have an idea.


Back at Gohan's house

Gohan: Kameeeee Hameee Haaaaaaa.

SSJ3 Vegeta by hulkty

SSJ 3 Vegeta.

Wow I didn't even flinch.

Tiencha: Hey Buunemba youre time is over.

Chapter 2 Edit

Buunemba and Tiencha spar although Buunemba has the upper hand*

Goku: Stop hurting my friends! *Eyecacher Plays*

Gohan: Hey, Dad let's fuse.

Gohan and Goku:Fusion Haaa.

Gohun: Kameeeeeeeeeee Hameeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaåaaaaaaa.

Buunemba: Hehehehe Haaaaaaaaaaaaah.

  • Janembuu explodes elimenating everyone on earth*

Meanwhile In Otherworld

King Yemma: You Guys stop Buunemba

Z Fighters: Right.*All but Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks, and Goten are defeated*

Buunemba: For my final move, Human extinction wave.

Goku:Goten Noooooooooooooooooooooo. *He Jumped in front of goten*

Goku:Make sure you train. *dies*

Goten:NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *Goten achieves SSJ4 (real version) then faints*

Trunks:Goten wake up.

Goten:Ok wheres Gohan?

Trunks: He, was absorbed.

Goten:Trunks turn SSJ3 then lets fuse Now!

Trunks:Uuuuh Ok.

Trunks and Goten:Fuuuuusiooooon Haaaaaaa.

Gotenks:Yeah Janembuu your pretty much dead.

Buunemba: Uh please give me one more minute i'll be back.

Buunemba: Baby I hear you have parasite like powers.

Baby:Yes Whats it to ya.

Buunemba: Infest me now or I will kill you.

Janembuu: Oh and keep intact my memory and control Ok! 

Baby:Fine fine fine.

Baby Buunemba: Babidi I hear your power increase is great, give it to me or I will kill you.


ultimate baby buunemban: here`s buunemba.


  • MEANWHILE goten was getting angry so much that the fusion got stronger into an ulimate flame super sayian 5 and since the dragon balls were gone the energy flowed into gotenks and became alpha gotenks and brought back kuhan goku and pan and potara earings and the fusion trix then alpha gatkenku apeared.
  • buunemba:OHHHHHHHHHHH CRAAAAAA....BAM!!!!!
  • gohan:aaaaap yay im free.
  • buunenba separated but he reasembled and went to fuse with janembuu in another dimension. Next time on the buunemba saga baby buunembuu is here to stay and the earth isnt safe looks like alpha gatkenku needs to get fused with gohan and vegeta bye bye.

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