Gohan:(Rolls dice and gets 1) (Moves red pice to green spot) okay daddy! Your turn.

Goku:Okay, (Rolls dice and gets a three) (Moves yellow piece to blue spot) Allright Chi-Chi, your turn!

Chi-Chi: Finally! (Rolls dice and gets 5) (Moves blue piece to purple spot) Okay Bulma, your go!

Bulma: Sure! I know i'll win because i'm the closest to the end! All I need is a three and i win!

Goku: Go on, move your piece! It's your turn! "day dreamer".

Bulma: Hey! Okay! Okay! (Rolls dice and gets a 2) NOOOO! To close! now all i need is one! (Moves pink piece to yellow spot) Okay Gohan! One more 6 and you'll win!

Gohan: Okay Bulma! (Rolls dice and gets a 2) Awwww! (Moves red piece to blue spot) Okay daddy, your turn!

Goku: I know ill win because i have one more space and ill win! (Rolls dice and gets 1) Sweet! I win!!!!!

Bulma: Ohhh!!!!! Good game buuuuut, VEGETA DID'T PLAY!!!

Vegeta: GOOOOO, BLUE! Wait, huh???

Bulma: SIGH!

Game time!

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