One day, Goku and Chi-Chi promisted Gohan that they would go to a carnival!

Gohan:Are we there yet?

Goku+Chi-Chi: No.

Gohan:Are we there yet?

Goku+Chi-Chi: No.

Gohan:How about now?

Goku: Nope, i know how excited you are to be at the carnival for the first time but, STOP ASKING US THAT STINKING QUISTION!

Gohan: ......... Are we ther

Goku+Chi-Chi: NO!

Gohan: Oh okay. Are we there yet?

Chi-Chi: SHUT UP!

Gohan: Why?

Chi-Chi: I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired of you being SICK AND TIRED OF WAITING!

Gohan: What?!
Gohan Nimbus


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