Very strange

Vegeta attacks Cell after seeing Trunks die

Cell Returns! is the twenty fourth episode of the Cell game Saga and the 189 episode of the series. The Japanesse title is "Hakuchū no Akuma!! Kyofu wa yori Kanpeki ni" (白昼の悪夢!!恐怖はより完璧に)


After murdering Future Trunks, Cell explains to the shocked Z-Fighters how he survived the explosion on King Kai's planet. A single cell had survived that had allowed him to regenerate back to his original being. What's more, due to him having Saiyan cells in him, Cell had gained strength equal to that of Gohan's! After listening to the story, Gohan powers up, ready to avenge his father.

After watching his own son died right in front of him, Vegeta viciously attacks Cell with a "Maximum Flash" in an attempt to avenge Trunks. Despite his best efforts, Cell comes out of the explosion, completely unharmed, and knocks Vegeta to the ground, almost killing him and fires an attack at him. Before it can hit Vegeta, Gohan jumps in front of him, saving him. This comes at a heavy price though, as Gohan has now lost all use of his left arm. Cell then prepares a Kamehameha Wave, ready to destroy the entire planet.

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