cumber is the son of broly. his name is a pun on cucumber


nothing about him is known.


he is strong good hearted and somtimes cocky.


he is super strong as he can go ledgendary super saiyan at age 10.


ate age birth-10 he looks like kid gohan

at age 11-14 he looks like teen gohan

at age 15-19 he looks like goten in GT

at age 20-30 he looks like his dad

at age 31-45 he looks like vegita in Z

at age 46- 69 he looks like GT vegita

at age 70-death he looks like master roshi


whats a super sayin?

oh you mean LEDGENARY super saiyan. right?

now i'll show you!

i'm trying to be like my dad. well his aperrence anyway.

how about you fight this old man once more before he dies.


any user can edit him by makeing his page longer but no drastic changes