Dark Gohan Is Majin Goku's Son And Also A Half Saiyan . His Story Begins When His Father Majin Goku Fought Vegeta and after the fight Majin Goku Meets A Women Who Likes Him and They Had A Baby, and The Baby Was Dark Gohan. When He Was Born His Father Realized He Got Darkness From Himself Before He Met His Wife. So Over

Dark Gohan

Dark Gohan In Super Sayian 2

The Years He Tried To Convert His Son Into Good But It Was No Use He Was Still Evil So Dark Gohan Left. So Gohan Trained By Himself Until He Met A Person Named Broly . He Trained Under Him and Broly Became His Mentor and Thought Him The Ways of The Super Sayian. After A Few Years Goku Finally Decided To Look For His Son. He Found Him By Sensing His Power But Then When He Came Closer His Mentor Broly Came Towards Him And Punched Him Then They Started To Fight and Gohan Came Looking For Broly When He Saw His Dad Fighting Him.And In a Blink He Saw HIs Dad Defeat Broly and He Said To Himself Wow My Dad Is Strong. And He Went To His Dad But He Was Still Kinda Evil But He Could Control It Because Broly Taught Him To.

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