Super Saiyan Evil Goku by Kazmedia

goku as a Dark Ultimate Super saiyan


The Dark Ultimate Super Saiyan is the Ultimate Super Saiyan form consumed by the darkness in one's heart. This form gives the user's power a boost of 100,000x making the user stronger then a normal Ultimate Super Saiyan.

Power Compared to the Original

The Dark Ultimate Super Saiyan is the only saiyan that can actually beat the original form. It's power thrives off of the darkness in the users heart.


The Sayian's hair spikes up like a normal Super Sayian, but the hair becomes red and the clothes become gray and with black and white shoes. The Saiyan andmits a red-black aura from the body.


This form is 200x stronger then a Evil Super Saiyan and 310x stronger then Ultimate Super Saiyan.

Once a person has the abily to active this form once, just like The Evil Super Saiyan, it allows the user to awaken the other forms . This form can equal the god of destruction Beerus . Super Saiyan White is the next transformation and also the final transformation , making it 3 octillion times stronger .