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Dragon Ball: The New Heroes!

Dragon Ball: The New Heroes is a online fan-fiction. It is about the adventures of the next generation of Dragon Ball Heros to save the world and the entire universe. This story takes place 84-100 years after GT and continues to move on forward.


Good CharactersEdit

  • Galrick is the soul survivor of the Marainian race. He was raised by Goku and he taught him all he knows. He is a evenly balanced fighter.
  • Uub Jr is the great great grandson of Uub and is also one of the protectors of Earth. His grandfather taught him everything he knows. He is a evenly balanced fighter.
  • Goku Jr is the great great grandson of Pan and a descendant of Goku. He is a speed-based fighter.
  • Vegeta Jr is the son of Bumla. He is a descendant of Vegeta. He is ki and power-based fighter.
  • Pan is the last of the old Z-Fighters. She is the great great grandmother of Goku Jr.
  • Dende is the guardian of Earth. He is also a Namekian who came from Planet Namek.
  • Bumla is the mother of Vegeta Jr. Whether or not she is the descendant of Trunks or Bulla is unknown.
  • Goku is the most powerful being in the universe. He also is a Saiyan. He is the one who trained Galrick. What happened to him remains a mystery.
  • Galrick's Father is was the most powerful male Marainian warrior on the planet. He and Galrick's Mother died protecting their son so he survived.
  • Galrick's Mother was the most powerful female Marainian warrior on the planet. She and Galrick's Father died protecting their son so he survived.



Planet Marainia

One day on a planet named Planet Marainia far out in the cosmos. There was a baby boy named Galrick who's Mother and Father where the strongest male and female warriors on the planet. They and the rest of the Marainians on the planet where fine until,one day the sky grew very dark and many storm clouds appeared with red lighting whipping threw the sky. A gigantic vortex grew in the sky and as it seemed a portal like vortex appeared. It looked like the eye of a dark hurricane. A bright white light with a red-like hue to it appeared within the vortex and a face appeared a firgure of a creature who spoke and said I am The Devourer! I am the one who devourers all worlds and now this world shall be mine aswell! Galrick's mother and father knew what they had to do. They flew into the vortex and battled the devourer who had reverted to a humaniod like form. He was a vicous,cold hearted, and evil like monster. He completely dominated Galricks parents. So as the Devourer began to suck the life from the planet by creating huge craters in it then turning into his monster form he went into the craters which led to the planets core he began to feed off of its life.

Meanwhile in a final attempt to save their son and the entire fate of their race. Galrick's parents used the last of their energy to create a energy field around Galrick. And sent him into space. As the planet began to crumble and fall apart all of the people on the planet began to flee and try to escape the planet in spaceships. But the thick dark clouds,lighting,hurricans,volcanos,tornadoes,earthquakes, and tsunamis prevented any hope for departing from the dying planet as they knew they where all done for. The planet finally exploded and all the inhabitats dyied except Galrick who was protected by his mother and father. As it exploded the light was so bright it could be seen all the way from Earth and Namek. After that Galrick was left floating in the barren cosmic wasteland where planet Marainia use to be then the Devourer fleed from the barren wasteland in a beam of blinding red light. Then after that only mere hours later Goku was flying on Shenron when he spotted the young boy and sensed great potential from him and took him in and raised him and taught him martial arts and this where our story begins!

Training SagaEdit

Chapter 1 Training With GokuEdit

250px-New Namek

The Planet Goku and Galrick where training and living on for 16 years.

Goku was training Galrick on a distant planet thats gravity was 25x Earths. Galrick was now 4 and his power was absolutely amazing. He had already learned how to fly and how to control his ki if only he knew how to control his hidden power. Goku and Galrick where sparring. Goku kicked Galrick and was sent flying into a small hill. He got up and starting crying. Waaaaaah!! That hurt Goku! "sniffle" sniffle" said Galrick. S-Sorry! Galrick I guess I dont know my own strenght hehehehe! Goku said in a sarcastic way. Now come on! You still got fight left in you! Said Goku once more. U-Ugh ok. Said Galrick. Galrick flew towards Goku and started throwing punches and kicks wildly and he missed. Goku grabbed his leg and threw him into a tall pillar of earth. BOOM!! As the pillar collasped. Galrick got really angry and said ENOUGH!!! Grrrr grrrr!! Galrick's power level began to rise and he began to sweat and steam began to emit from his skin! NOW TAKE THIS!!! Said Galrick. KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAAAAAA!!! Zoooooom! As the Kamehameha blast soared threw the sky "whoof"! As Goku blew it away and Galrick was completely exhausted and passed out. Goku said ok thats enough training for one day now lets go rest back inside. Shenron had been traveling with Goku so he made a house with unlimited supplies for whatever they needed(Since he was a Magical Dragon).

6 Years has passed and now Galrick is 10. He was still training with Goku. Hiya hiya ha hi ha hiya! Said Galrick as he was sparring with Goku, throwing pucnhes and kicks at the same time. Woah! Nice one Galrick but you gotta do better if you wanna catch up to me! Said Goku. We'll see about that said Galrick time to take it up a notch! Kaio-ken x10! Said Galrick as he used the technique changing his aura into a flame fiery red one. Now take this! Super Dragon Fist! Said Galrick as he was flying toward Goku with the appearance of now a Golden Shenron as soon as he collided with Goku he thought he had him but didnt realize Goku had already dodged and used the afterimage technique. So instead Goku came down from above him a eagle kicked him in the back! Gaaaargh! Said Galrick as he went down to the ground after being struck so hard with so much force. "Ugh huh ugh huh" as Galrick was breathing heavy. Good said Goku your getting better Galrick maybe soon you can perfect the Kaio-ken 20x. B-But Goku when can I learn the Instant Transmission? When you learn Kaio-ken 20x,After-image Technique and fully master Super Dragon Fist. But why?! It takes to long that way Goku! Said Galrick. But thats the rules, and its neccasary in order to be a great martial artist. *Sigh* Ok then Goku said Galrick. And so they continued to spar.

6 Years later...


Galrick when he's 16 ready to fight Goku

Galrick was now 16 and he had fully mastered Kaio-ken 20x,After-image Technique and Instant Transmission. He was now done with his training and Goku said to fight him in a final match to show his honor. So they did. Alright! You ready for this Goku?! Yeepee! I am so excited to see how strong you become Galrick! Said Goku and Galrick. But be warned I am gonna go all out! Kaio-ken x20! Said Galrick. He then powered up and went charging at Goku he then follow up with 5 lighting fast attack a Punch,Uppcut,Roundhouse Kick,Karate Chop then to finish off a Eagle Kick which Goku blocked or dodged all 5. Nice one! But you gotta be faster if you wanna catch me! Said Goku. No problem! Said Galrick. Galrick then attacked Goku a little faster throwing continuos punches and kicks. Goku kept dodging them all effortlessly. Now its my turn! Said Goku. Goku kicked,punched,kneed,elbowed and then finally blasted Galrick extremly hard with enough force to crack a Moutain in 2. Galrick was sent flying threw 5 Pillars of Earth in a row then crashed into a Mountain. He was sitting their injured but still ready to fight. *Huh* Huh* Huh* said Galrick as he was panting in exhaustion. Ok Goku I had enough of not being able to catch up to you!! Grrr grrr! Galricks aura got all flame like he began to sweat and finally he released a explosion of energy that destroyed the entire landscape! GAAAAAARGH!!!! He then flew toward Goku in fury and started attacking wildly and Goku was completely shocked. Galrick! Come down! Said Goku. Before you destroy the whole planet! GAAAAARGH!!!! GRRRR GRRRR!!! Galrick's pupils in his eyes disapeared. He lost all reason and flew into the air and did a Kamehameha so powerful Goku said if didn't deflect it would destroy the whole planet! Goku deflected it with a kick. Galrick then fainted and Goku caught him in mid air. Galrick what is wrong with you?! Thought Goku.

Chapter 2 Arrival On EarthEdit

The Next Day....


Earth far out in the distance

Galrick! Hey Galrick pack your things! Said Goku. But why Goku?! Said Galrick in a confused way. Because... where going to Earth. Said Goku. Earth?! What is Earth? Said Galrick even more shocked then before. Earth is a planet. A beautiful planet where I use to live where I was raised and where I grew up. I even had kids their and a entire family and friend but that was over 100 years ago their all dead now. WHAT?! Goku you had a wife and kids!? Said Galrick in a very shocked and surprised way. Yup. Said Goku. B-But wait Goku how on earth are they dead but your not and its been 100 years!? Said Galrick. Because... I am immortal. Said Goku. But why and how? Said Galrick. Because long ago when I fought a powerful foe I couldn't go back to earth because I was dead so a Kai gave me their life and since Kai's are immortal so am I. Said Goku. Oh but what are Ka.... nevermind I don't feel like asking any more questions anyway Goku. Ok then said Goku, now go pack your things where headed to Earth. Sure! Sounds intresting. Said Galrick as he was packing his things.

Now that they where ready both Goku and Galrick got on Shenron who flew them threw space and while they where on their way they saw something. A bright red light was headed towards them with dark picth black stormy clouds. They sensed evil coming from it. Oh no! Said Galrick. Oh no is right said Goku I'll handle this! The light imeadiatly hit Goku and Galrick and so did the huge storm clouds and devourered them both and Galrick was knocked out. He was sent hurling threw the astriod belt and going all the way to earth. But Galrick didn't know because he was unconscious. Galrick then fell threw the astriod belt pass all the other planets and landed on Earth. He then awoke wondering where he was and saw a weird green figure walk up to him and Galrick asked who are you? He said I am Dende guardian of this world and you are on Earth...

Chapter 3 Welcome To EarthEdit




A much older Dende

So.. this is um Earth eh? Pretty nice place. Said Galrick. Yes. I am Earth's guardian and protector. Said Dende. Ugh ok thats nice. But why are you green? Said Galrick. -_- Because I am a Namekian from a planet called Namek I protect Earth because I chose this role as its protector. Now enough about me but I would like to ask who are you and where did you come from? Asked Dende. Um I am Galrick and I dont actually know my origins. But I was raised and taught martial arts by Goku he said he was suppose to be the strongest and best martial artist in the universe. Said Galrick. *GASP* G-Goku?! You know Goku?! Did he mention anything about Cell,Majin Buu,Frieza great battles he fought in his time? Said Dende in a eager way. Yes. He did actually. Thats what he told me and he said he had many friends and family on this planet. But they all passed now he said since hes immortal. Said Galrick. Ah I see but did you know Goku has descandats here on Earth that are actually about your age and alive? Asked Dende. R-Really?! No I never knew that! Thats awesome! I cant wait to meet them! Anyway I was suppose to come here on Earth because Goku wanted me to have a normal life with his descandats here on Earth. So you basically moved here to make a living? Said Dende. Yup. Pretty much so now can I find somwhere to live and actaully know how Earthlings are and they look like? Said Galrick. Sure. But not until you actually meet some of them first and fit in hahaha. Said Dende as he laughed. Ugh ok then I guess. Said Galrick.

Chapter 4 Meeting Earth's InhabitantsEdit


Uub Jr

250px-GokuJr 01

Goku Jr

250px-VegetaJr DBGT01

Vegeta Jr

Ok so where are you taking me Mr.Dende? Asked Galrick. To Kami's Lookout. Before you even bother to ask that question its a place where Earth's former guardian lived and now I live their. So for me its now Dende's Lookout but I prefer the other name. Said Dende. Soooo. I am going their why?! Said Galrick. Well you wanna make a living here right and you wanna see what earthlings look like am I right? Asked Dende. Well.. yeah thats kinda why I am here to begin with. Ok well first your gonna meet the descendants of Earth's greatest heros who lived on this planet over a century ago. Said Dende. Ok sure I guess said Galrick. So both Dende and Galrick flew to Dende's Lookout and landed. Wow this place sure looks nice! Said Galrick. Why of course the great Kami designed it and of course I made a few alterations. Said Dende. Interesting indeed.... soooo anyway when do I meet Earth's Heros the descendants of Goku and his friends and family huh? Asked Galrick. *Hmph* You meet them now but have patience. Ok guys you can come out now! Said Dende. *Clap Clip Clap Clip* Galrick heard footsteps and around the corner stood. 3 Kids his age.

The first one is Uub Jr the descendant of Uub and his children who was the reincarnation of Majin Buu. The 2nd one if Goku Jr the descandant of Goku and his kids that is easy to tell due to appearance. Finally is Vegeta Jr the descendant of the proud Saiyan Prince, Vegeta and his kids long ago. These are Earths 3 New Hero's who are very powerful children indeed. Just like you Galrick. Said Dende. Wow! Goku Jr looks so much like Goku! Thats probably why they named him Goku Jr! Said Galrick. -_- No duh really? Said Dende. Anyway Hello my name is Galrick! Said Galrick(Obviously). Hi! My name is Goku Jr! But everybody just calls me Goku for short! Said Goku Jr. Hello. My name is Uub Jr but the same as Goku they call me Uub for short. Said Uub Jr. Who the heck are you punk?! Said Vegeta Jr. Now Vegeta that wasn't very nice! Said Goku Jr. Shut up kid! I say what the heck I want! Said Vegeta Jr. Whatever Vegeta. Just try to ignore him he can be a little annoying sometimes Dende told us thats exactly how his ancestor Vegeta was it must've skipped everyone else and he inherited his rude trait. Said Uub Jr. U-Ugh... um ok. Said Galrick. ANSWER ME KID!!! I said who the heck are you?! I am Vegeta Jr descendant of the proud Saiyan Prince Vegeta! Now answer me or I will have to beat it outta yah! My name is Galrick! Gee relax dude and not to mention I am much older then you! How old are you 12? Asked Galrick. Actually yes. But thats not the point! So your Galrick eh? The one trained by Goku? Asked Vegeta Jr. Yeah but how did you know that? Asked Galrick once more. We all know it. Said Goku Jr. Because Kami told us telepathically as he was speaking to you asking you questions about it. Woah! I thought I was the only one who could use telepathy! Me and Goku actually of course. Said Galrick. Nope everyone can they just need to learn how. Said Uub Jr. Well thats amazing I am sure I have much to learn here on earth!

Chapter 5 The Dark Secret is revealedEdit

Galrick has been on Earth for 3 months and learned a lot about Humans and learned a lot about the planet and its animals and now he even lives at Dende's Lookout. Everything is peaceful and Galrick still wonders what happened to Goku and Shenron. He also wonders what that dark power is that he sensed a while ago. So now everything is peaceful and everything is ok until....

Ugh huh ugh huh* Said Kami as he was running to warn the others. Everyone! Something terrbile is about to happen I sense a dark presence not to far from Earth! Said Kami in a exhausted and fearful way.WHAT?! Said Everyone. But how and why? Asked Galrick. I don't know! B-But its on its way to Earth and it be here in about 1 Month! And we care why? Said Vegeta Jr. Becuase you want to protect Earth your friends and family and don't want to die! Why did I even have to say that?! Said Kami. Relax. I am only kidding said Vegeta Jr. So we need to train for whats coming I guess said Uub Jr. Exactly! Everyone get to training! Its time to put your skills to the test! Right! Said all of Earth's New Hero's.

Chapter 6 The Training For Survival Begins!Edit


Uub fires his Flashing Grenade at Galrick.

Aaaaaaaaargh!!! Hiya! Said Uub as he was sparring with Galrick. Lets see what you got dude! Said Galrick. No problem. Said Uub Jr. So both Goku and Uub where throwing continuos punches and kicks and both performing chains and combos on each other. Hiya! Ha! Aaaaagh! Gaaargh!! Said both of them as they where training. Ok take this! Flashing Grenade! Said Uub as he launched a power blast at Galrick who then countered it with his own! Both of them have now engaged in a Beam Struggle. Grrr grrrr!!! Gaaaargh!!! Said both Galrick and Uub as they where struggling to overcome the other. Finally the blast exploded knocking them both to the ground sitting their panting out of breath. *Huh huh ugh huh* Wow that was quite a sparring session said Galrick. *Pant Pant Weez Weez* Yeah you to! Said Uub Jr. Meanwhile....

Goku kneed Vegeta in the gut then elbowed him in the back and followed up with a flying clothesline. Sending Vegeta into the wall he got angry and attacked Goku head on hitting him with continous punches and quick jabs. Galick Gun! Said Vegeta Jr as he launched his blast at Goku Jr. Kamehameha! Said Goku Jr as he launched his blast to counter Vegeta's. Gaaaargh aaaargh!!! Both said as they where struggling to beat the other then finally Goku Jr overcame Vegetas but he dodged then teleported behind him and came with a soaring roundhouse that threw Goku Jr into a daze he then did a mid air summer sault and kick him into the ground. Boom! As the ground rumbled from the explosion. Goku Jr burst forth and attacked Vegeta Jr with continous Kamehamehas which Vegeta Jr couldn't deflect so it took them head on and got injured from the blast yet come going. So both continued their fight until nietheir could fight anymore. Well that was one heck of a match! Said Goku Jr. Yeah! I will get you next time kid! Said Vegeta Jr.

Now the New Z Fighters continued to train hard for the past month and now they are ready for the threat to come.

The Devourer SagaEdit

Chapter 1 The SicknessEdit


Dende's Lookout where the New Z Fighters are about to leave.

Now over a month has passed since the Z Figthers where informed of the new threat to come. They are all ready to fight for their survival. They where all about to leave the lookout and head to the estismated destinantion where the threat would land. Until...

Alright guys your all ready right? Said Galrick. Yeah of course we are. Said Uub and Goku Jr. Dont worry about me I didn't train this hard for nothing. Said Vegeta Jr. Alright then lets.... gagh gagh GAAAAARGH!!! AAAAARGH!!! Galrick suddenly grabbed his head and started screaming in a huge burst of pain! Galrick! Whats wrong?! Said Dende as he came rushing from inside the Lookout. We dont know! He just suddenly started screaming! Said Uub. Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr watched in horror. GAAAARGH AAAARGH!!! HAAAAGH!!! GAAAARGH!!! Ugh! Galrick suddenly fainted and completely collasped on the floor. GALRICK NO! As Goku Jr rushed over to the scene! Step Back! Dont worry I will handle Galrick you 3 go take on the threat that is coming. B-But are you sure? We cant just leave Galrick like- GO NOW! Said Dende as he cut Uub off go! He'll be alright now go or we'll all die from whatever that threat is if you dont face it! Now go! B-But- NOW!! Said Kami as he cut off Goku Jr. Fine! Said Vegeta as he Goku and Uub as flew off to face whatever new enemy is about to appear.

Oh Dende what is wrong with the boy?! Said Mr.Popo. I don't know. I think I can fix whatever is happening something is interfering with his mind! But it will take time. First Mr.Popo go get the Sacred Water. Now! U-Ugh yes of course Dende! Mr.Popo came running back into the room with the Sacred Water and he gave it too Dende. Dende then poured the water on his hands and Galricks head. He then placed his hands on Galricks head and began healing Galrick but to no succes so therefore he continued to see if it would work and to some succes it was working but was taking much time. I know I can do this Mr.Popo please I need peace and quite it will take time but I can do this! So please leave so I can concentrate. Of course Mr.Dende! Mr.Popo then left the room as Dende continued to slowly heal Galrick. Ugh this will take so much time and time is something where out of right now! This is the same thing that happened in the old days over a century ago with the old Z Fighters always something bad happening at the wrong time! Said Dende with a frustrated look on his face. Well now I need to continue to focus so I can heal Galrick. He then went back to concentrating. Meanwhile...

Chapter 2 The ArrivalEdit


The Devourer about to attack Uub Jr,Vegeta Jr and Goku Jr.

So guys think Galrick will be ok? Said Goku Jr. Of course he will hes tougher then that he better get better! Said Vegeta Jr. Yeah I agree he'll be fine if only we knew what the source of it was. Said Uub as the 3 of them where flying to the designated spot. Ok looks like where here! Said Vegeta then they all landed. Ok so where is this so called "deadly threat" at? Huh? I didn't train my tail off for nothing! Said Vegeta Jr. Relax dude it will be fine. It will be here in only a few minutes. Said Uub. Yeah it should. Probably about.... oh my gosh. Said Goku in a very shocked way. What the heck is that?! Said Uub Jr. The sky suddenly grew dark with pitch black clouds and red lighting shooting threw the sky and strong guest of winds maybe 200 MPH where just soaring threw the streets of Satan City,West City and the rest of the cites. This looks like trouble, probably what Dende told us about! Said Goku Jr. Well,well,well looks like the so called "deadly threat" is now here eh? Said Vegeta Jr. Suddenly a huge burst of darkness emitted from the clouds and came flying towards the ground it crashed landed and within it stood a figure.

Mwuahhahaha! Said the Mysterious Figure. Hey! What are you laughing for punk?! Said Vegeta Jr. Do you even know who I am?! Said the Mystery Figure. Don't care just another wimp whos about to get his butt whooped! Said Vegeta in a annoyed tone. Hehehehe... Well just to let you know I am.. The Devourer I am the one who devourers all worlds and this one is next on my list but before I do that I wanna know where is your other friend. Said The Devourer. Hahahahah you villains are always so overconfident in your own ability when your nothing more then a ant to me. Said Vegeta Jr. Shut up Vegeta thats enough! Said Goku Jr. So you think where just gonna stand by and let your destroy our entire world?! Not to mention w-wait what friend? Said Uub Jr. Well actually I don't really care whether or not but I will let you know this. Don't play dumb you know who I mean his name is Galrick he only came here about 4 months ago. Said The Devourer. W-What are you talking about?! We dont have any friend named that its just us 3! Said Goku Jr. Well looks like I am gonna have to beat it outta yah. Said The Devourer. Try it punk! I am not afraid of the likes of you! Said Vegeta Jr. HAHAHA!!! You children are quite funny well prepare to die and face my wrath! Said The Devourer.

Chapter 3 The Battle For Earth BeginsEdit


Uub Jr charging his Flashing Grenade right before being attacked by The Devourer.

Guys get ready hes about to attack! Said Uub in a worried tone. Crap! Get ready Vegeta and Uub said Goku Jr. Shut up! I can handle this wuss my self! Now bring it on!!! Said Vegeta Jr . *Hpmh* Fine. Suddenly the devourer teleported behind Vegeta and elbowed him in the back then followed with kick sending Vegeta flying. GAAAAARGH!!! Said Vegeta as he went flying. Vegeta no! Said Goku as he attacked The Devourer head on. He attacked him with a dozen different attacks, The Devourer dodged them all then grabbed Goku's leg and spun him around 6 times and threw him all the way into a mountain then he followed with a powerful blast that destroyed the Mountain Goku was thrown into wounding him. Haha your even more pathetic then I thought! Said The Devourer.

You think you can just hurt my friends and think its ok and you can laugh about it?! Well not while I am here! Kaio-ken x10! Uub then rushed The Devourer he kicked him into the air he then went flying after him he followed up with a fury of punches and kicks he then did a roundhouse kick that sent The Devourer flying he said take this! Flashing Grena- Gaaaagh! Said Uub Jr as the The Devourer suddenly attacked him with a uppercut while he was charging his blast. Now take this kid! The Devourer punched Uub in the gut he then elbowed him in the back right in his spine and sent Uub tumbling down to the ground. Now what are you gonna do you pathetic child? Said The Devourer in a arrogant way. *Pant Weez* W-Why you you'll pay for that! Now see if you can handle this! Kaio-ken x20! Aaaaagh! Now dodge this! Lighting Arrow! Uub sent about 3 dozens of powerful but small blast after The Devourer as he dodged the first dozen but got hit by the other 2 dozen head on. Which made The Devourer get really angry. Why you kid! I am gonna beat you so bad you wont know wh- Gagh! The Devourer was suddenly hit by a blast that came out of nowhere. He turned around and saw Goku and Vegeta in their SSJ forms. You kids are still alive?! Said The Devourer. Time for round 2! Said Goku Jr. You said it! Said Vegeta Jr.

You still can't beat me you stupid kids! Your nothing but a bunch of stupid earthlings! Said The Devourer in a aggrivated tone. Whatever! Doesn't mean we still cant beat you! Said Goku Jr. Doesnt mean I still can't whoop his butt! Said Vegeta Jr. Now prepare to pay for what you did! Said Goku Jr. Goku and Vegeta rushed at The Devourer both attacking with full force due to the fact he didn't how strong they actually where he was completely shocked their power he was getting completely beaten to a pulp by the series of punches and kicks Goku and Vegeta where throwing at him. Hiya ha hiya ha ugh ya! Said Goku and Vegeta as they where pounding The Devourer. Gagh! Ugh gagh! Ugh! Said The Devourer as he was getting beaten to a bloodly pulp! Now time to finish you off! Take this Ka-me-ha-me-ha!! Said Goku as he launched his powerful ki projectile at The Devourer. Ha now let me make it even worst for him! FINAL FLASH!!! Said Vegeta Jr as he launched his powerful wave of energy at The Devourer also. Both blast where about to strike The Devourer head on until-Aaaargh!!! STUPID KIDS!!! Take this! Gaaaaaargh!!! Dark Impulse! Said The Devourer as he launched his power blast of energy to match theirs.

Now all 3 blast where locked in a beam struggle! Goku and Vegeta's blast where both side by side struggling to overcome The Devourer's blast. Grrr grrr gaaagh! Said Goku as he was trying to win! Grrr weee must winnn! Said Vegeta as he and Goku continued. I had enough now die!!! GAAAAAAARGH!!!! The Devourer yelled as he made his blast more powerful and overcame Goku and Vegeta's blast resulting in his blast crashing into the two kids as it exploded. GAAAAAARGH AAAARGH!!! Screaming both Goku and Vegeta as they where nearly killed by the blast! After the flash of light was over both boys fell all the way out of the sky to the ground. Then suddenly passed out and became unconsious. NOOOOOO!!! Screamed Uub as he ran to their side but both where completely out of it they even lost their SSJ forms. N-No! I had enough of this! Prepare to face your defeat The Devourer! Said Uub in angry tone. Ha try it boy! Said The Devourer with a evil grin on his face.

Kaio-ken x20! Said Uub Jr. Heheheh wow really that move again? Well if thats the best you can pull off try it then! The Devourer said. Uub Jr then attacked The Devourer without hesitation! He uppercut him then continued with a eagle kick that left The Devourer breathless from the hard impact. *GASP* Said The Devourer from the impact. W-Why you- Yagh! Uub continued to attack him with a fury of strikes that he began to counter with his own until both where fully locked in a feirce battle! The both where throwing punches and kicks until Uub slowly began to tire leaving The Devourer with a advantage as he already had both superior strengh,speed, and durability. Now die foolish boy! The Devourer punched Uub with such a hard attack he didn't move. He then grabbed him by his leg and began spinning him round and round until he threw Uub Jr into the air then blasted him with a blast so powerful it was seen all the way from Dende's lookout. BOOOOM!!!! The entire landscape was turned from a beautiful meadow to a barren wasteland. Uub felll from the sky and fell on the ground nearly dead and almost unconsious. *Pant Gasp Weeez Gasp Pant* Where d-doomed theirs *Gasp pant weez* n-nothing w-we can do. I failed the earth. Meanwhile on Kami's lookout...

Mr.Dende oh Mr.Dende! Said Mr.Popo in a nervous way as he came running into the room. The boys! Their out their figthing for their lives I sence a dramatic decrease in all of their ki! What do we do?! Is Galrick ready yet?! Asked Mr.Popo. Yes I know that Mr.Popo and Galrick is nearly healed but not yet he is still recovering from whatever is going on inside his mind! We just have to put faith in them until Galrick is healed the same that happened in the past we must put faith in our heros! Now please allow me to continue my conecntration so I can fully heal the boy! Said Dende. Y-Yes of course Mr Dende! Said Mr.Popo.

Both Goku and Vegeta suddenly awoke and flew over to Uub and The Devourer. Now boy tell me where your friend is or you die! Said The Devourer. N-Never! Galrick is my friend and I will NEVER rat him out to the likes of you!!! Said Uub Jr. Fine I will have to torture you to DEATH and to get what I want it seems!!! The Devourer then looked into the dark stormy clouds and his eyes turned bright red and where literally glowing suddenly some strange dark matter shot out of the clouds and formed a two giant hand's the hand's then picked up Uub Jr and began squezzing the life out of him. GAAAARGH UGHHHH HAAAAGH!!! Screamed Uub Jr was he was being killed to death. No! Uub! Screamed Goku and Vegeta Jr. Oh it seems your both alive eh? Well until you tell where Galrick is I will torture your friend to death! Now tell me now! Said The Devourer.

G-Galrick is-NO! No don't do it dont worry about me! Guys just don't let him know where Galrick is! Said Uub as he cut Goku off. B-But Uub if we dont he'll kill you! Said Goku Jr. I DON'T CARE!!! Just don't tell him where Galrick is hes out last hop-GAAAARGH!!! Screamed Uub Jr as he was being tortured to death. SHUT UP!!! AND TALK NOW!!! Where is the boy! Tell me or your friend dies!! H-Hes.... Suddenly a bright flash of light came and blasted threw the dark clouds that where holding Uub and both suddenly vaporized into air. W-What happened?! Said The Devourer. I DID!!! Said Galrick. Galrick your here! Said Goku. About time! Said Vegeta Jr. Galrick then flew and caught Uub as he was falling. Don't worry man! I am here now! He sat him down and said Uub you all right? Said Galrick. G-Galrick i-its y-youuuuu.... ugh. Uub then went unconsious. Uub! No Uub! W-Why you you'll pay The Devourer! Said Galrick. Well,well,well looks like you finally made it. Said The Devourer. I did! Now its time for you to pay! For what you did! Said Galrick. Sure but first how about the merge gets completed first okay? Asked The Devourer. W-What?! What merge?! What the heck are you talking about?!?! Said Galrick in a shocked way. Hehehehehe silly boy..... our merge. The one that will make us complete. 0_o Suddenly everyones faces where put into shock and no one was sure what to say. Stop playing games! Now lets fight and end this! Said Galrick. Fine but lets talk about the truth of you and your origins first....

Chapter 4 Hidden TruthsEdit

What truth?! Said Galrick. Now let me start from scrath first boy. Galrick you are a Marainian. A race of very intelligent people who are very powerful race. You and me are its last survivors. You where the son of the strongest warrior's on the planet. Your mother was the strongest among the females and your father was the strongest among the males. You see over 1000 years ago on old Planet Marainia when I was a normal Marainian when I was pure hearted. I was very good and my soul was pure. So I had nothing but positive energy within me. But I was sick of being good and pure hearted so I then found a way to became not just powerful but evil. I wanted to be not pure good anymore but pure evil and more powerful! I then found a old cave which had a strange presence within it. It was a weak spot for a dimensional rift suddenly a portal appeared from my presence from being within it. It led to the Underworld and suddenly a dark energy sprouted forth from the portal and took over me turning me poor evil everything about me pure negative energy. But the positive energy and my pure heart and soul was to powerful to be tooken over(I thought) so I then split my soul from me and I got a new pure evil soul and my heart was then corrupted and tooken over.

I then became The Devourer and left Planet Marainia all those years ago I went from planet from planet feeding off of its life and becoming more and more powerful. I was suddenly attacked by some so called powerful being called a "Legendary Super Saiyan" it was to powerful for its own good so it killed its self in its fury of power and the shockwave from its explosion sent me hurling into a black hole sealed away for 1000 years. After the seal broke from some random explosion on some planet. I was freed and made a stop on Planet Marainia where I dominated your parents and destroyed your and my own entire race but you lucky survived because of your parents sacrificing themselves for you. But the main reason I came to that planet was to find the other half of my soul and be complete once again. Dont you see Galrick. The other half of my soul is within YOU! Thats why you had those randoms fits of rage and fury and went beseker because of me residing in you! We are both halfs of a whole! Once we fully merge we will be the most powerful being in all of existence! Now join with me Galrick merge back into one and lets rule the whole universe!!! Said The Devourer after his long speech.

NEVER!!! Even if I am a Marainian! Or even if my soul is part of yours and where linked together! I will NEVER EVER JOIN WITH YOU AND BECOME THE MOST POWERUL BEING IN EXISTENCE!!!! Earth is now my NEW HOME! My friends are here and thats it! With them maybe I can find out where Goku is! But without them I wouldnt even be where I am now! So leave this planet NOW!! Or else face the consequences!!! Said Galrick. HAHAHAHAHAH!!! You are absolutely hilarious my dear boy! Did I say it was a option?! If I did I apologize but its a FACT I WILL MERGE WITH YOU!!! Said The Devourer. Now prepare to merge with me but before that I know you will put up a fight first I must weaken you severely then the merge can begin now prepare to become one with me! Said The Devourer. HA! Try it! Said Galrick. And now the epic showdown is about to begin!

Chapter 5 The Epic Showdown For Earth BeginsEdit

I wont hold back! Now prepare to be defeated! Kaio-ken x20!!! Said Galrick. Galrick then charged The Devourer and punched him in gut then followed with a series of spinning roundhouse kicks then attacked with quick but powerful jabs doing significant damage to the Demon. HAAA!!! YA!! Galrick eagle kicked The Devourer in the back then did a somersault with a kick to the neck followed with a elbow to the head almost knocking The Devourer unconsious. Gagh ugh! S-Stupid Boy! Said The Devourer as he was stumbling backwards from the impact from the heavy blow. I did'nt expect you to be so strong! Time for me to go all out! Gaaaaaargh!!! Aaaaargh!!! Yelled The Devourer as he was powering up. The ground began to shake and the dark clouds in the sky grew darker and it began to rain with red lighting shooting threw the sky.

Woah! I did'nt know he be so strong! Said Galrick in a suprised tone. His power is unbelivable! Screamed Goku Jr. I-Its unreal! Said Vegeta Jr. Now prepare to face your doom! MWUAHAHAHA!!! Laughed The Devourer. The Devourer then uppercut Galrick then kicked him in the stomach sending him shooting threw the air crashing into a small hill. Galrick got up trying to defend himself but as soon as he stood up The Devourer punched him with a good hook to his jaw then followed with continuos punches and kicks then did a back flip and flew foward with a kick. Knocking Galrick into the air. Gagh! Screamed Galrick as he was being beat. Haha! Now take this said The Devourer! The Devourer then shot a powerful blast at Galrick. Galrick then regained control he deflected the blast with a chop he then used Instant Transmission and teleported behind The Devourer he then began to perform a Kamehameha.

Ka-me-ha-me-HA! Said Galrick as the powerful wave of energy burst from the palms of his hand. The blast went soaring threw the stormy sky and hit The Devourer head on. GAGH!! Screamed The Devourer as he was hit. The blast was still slowly injuring The Devourer. I-I refuse! To be beaten by a child! G-Gagh!A-Argh!H-Haaaah!GRAAAAAH!!! Yelled The Devourer as he let a powerful blast that pushed Galrick's blast back at him. N-No I cant lose I must win for the sake of the entire world! Said Galrick. AAAAARGH!!! Both Galrick and The Devourer where locked in a Beam Struggle pushing back and forth but The Devourer was winning and everyone could see it. Oh no! Galrick is losing what do we do?! Said Goku Jr. Whatever we can. Which is nothing. Said Vegeta Jr in a disapointed tone. Meanwhile...

This seems very bad for Galrick! He is losing the match with that monster! Said Mr.Popo what do we do Dende?! I-I dont know! Theirs nothing we can. Galrick is losing the battle. This may be the end for Earth if Galrick cant overcome The Devourers powerful attack. Back at the showdown with The Devourer Galrick was slowly losing. I-I must WIN!!! GAAAAARGH!!! Galrick realeased a blast so powerful it completely destroyed The Devourers blast hitting him head on! N-NOOOOOO!!! As The Devourer was vaporized into ashes. *Pant Weez Gasp* We-We did it! Said Galrick in a happy tone! We won! Yay! Said Goku Jr. Finally we won! Serves that punk right! Said Vegeta Jr. Now lets get Uub back to the lookout and healed! Suggested Galrick. Right! Said all 3 of them. As Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr picked up Uub's unconsious body and where about to take him to the lookout suddenly they noticed something. Haahahaah! You think that simple blast killed me! YOU WILL PAY FOR EVER EMBARRASING ME!!! Screamed The Devourer.

He-He stills alive! Oh no! Yelled Galrick. I-Impossible. Said Vegeta Jr. Where all done for! Said Goku Jr. No where not! Said Galrick. I WILL NOT LET YOU WIN!!! Kaio-ken x20!!! Now take this DRAGON FIST!! Yelled Galrick. See if you can counter this boy! Screamed The Devourer. Aaaaargh! The Devourers eyes turned light red and began to glow his voice changed and the sky grew dark once again the ground began to tremble and the dark from the clouds flew around The Devourers body surronding him with a Evil Aura protecting him. He then charged at Galrick with his fist about to collide with Galricks Dragon Fist. The both then collided. The entire landscape was completely destroyed the shockwave blew Uub,Goku and Vegeta Jr away. The blast was so powerful it could be seen all the way from the lookout.

After the area cleared Galrick was standing in the middle looking very tired. *Pant Weez Gasp* Ugh huh ugh huh ugh huh. Said Galrick as he was breathing heavy. I did it! I am certain I won. The Devourer's body was sitting arcoss from Galrick dead. Suddenly The Devourer's body disapeared in a puff of black smoke yet the sky still remained the same. Why is the sky still the same? Asked Galrick. I dont know said Goku Jr. Its very weird indeed. Said Vegeta Jr.

Suddenly the face of The Devourer appeared in the sky. T-The Devourer he's still alive?! Said Galrick in a suprised tone. Yes! I am! You fools! Do you really think that by destroying the body of a powerful demon like me will finish me off for good?! Hahahaha! Dont make me laugh! Your utterly pathetic! Said The Devourer. Now once I began to feed of the life of this Planet I can fully gain enough power to merge with you but I can still partially merge! Said The Devourer.

Suddenly a ghostly figurine with a black dark aura of The Devourer flew out of the clouds and flew inside of Galrick. G-Guys get away! I can't control it! The Devourer he is trying to over take me R-RUN!!! GAAAARGH!!!! Cried Galrick as he was slowly being tooken over. Oh no! Galrick you have to fight it YOU MUST FIGHT IT!! Yelled Goku Jr. Come on! Galrick you have to do this or else we'll all die! Said Vegeta Jr. Meanwhile while Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr where'nt paying attention to Uub Jr's unconsious body. Uub Jr was partially awoke and he saw a strange figure stand above him. I shall now heal you. The World needs you to save your friend. Now awake! Said The Mysterious Figure. Uub Jr then awoke fully healed yet the strange figure was gone.

Uub Jr then walked over to the worried Vegeta and Goku Jr. Uub your still alive?! Asked Vegeta Jr. Of course I am. Said Uub Jr. Well of course you are! But how are you fully recovered?! Asked Goku Jr. I... really dont know. But thats not the point you guys stay back maybe if I give Galrick a good enough beaten The Devourer will leave his body. Uub knew this as he heard everything as he unconsious.

Uub Jr then confronted the possed Galrick and now the two where about to clash. Can Uub Jr find the strenght in him self to beat and defeat his own best friend? Stay tuned for the next chapter of Dragon Ball: The New Hero's!

Chapter 6 Two Friends Clashed In Combat!Edit

Uub powered up and used the Kaio-ken x20 technique. Galrick-The Devourer powered up and the two began fighting each other in a fierce battle. Uub and Galrick-The Devourer fought fiercly and destroyed nearby cities,towns, and small villages. In the end Uub won the great battle with his technique lighting arrow.

"I did it! I won!" Cheered Uub Jr. "Awesome we won!" Yelled Goku Jr. "Everything is all good and all but still... what about Galrick is he gonna be ok?" Said Vegeta Jr. All 3 of them walked over to Galrick's unconscious body. Suddenly the soul of The Devourer floated away from Galrick's body and disapeared into the clouds. The sky cleared and everything was fine. And Galrick awoke with a smile on his face.

"We did it guys!" Said Galrick. "Galrick you're alright!" Yelled Goku Jr. "Galrick you sure can put up a fight!" Said Uub Jr. "Yeah yeah yeah you're ok now lets go on home and forget about it!" Said Vegeta Jr agrily. "Woawhats wrong with you Vegeta?" Asked Galrick. "He's just angry because The Devourer spanked him! Hahahaha!" Laughed Uub Jr. "Hahahaha" Laughed Goku Jr and Galrick. "Tssk... whatever!" Said Vegeta Jr annoyed.

Chapter 7 The End?!Edit

Meanwhile back at The Lookout...

"Yes they won! They did now the Earth is safe!" Cheered Mr. Popo. "No its not... this victory was short lived." Said Dende. "Huh?! What do you mean? I don't see a sign of The Devourer anywhere!" Asked Mr. Popo nervously. "That is because he ismply wanted us to think he was gone... it was just a trick he is still here." Said Dende. "Oh no and the boys don't know!" Said Mr. Popo. Meanwhile...

"Well lets go home guys!" Said Galrick. As soon as Galrick stood up he fell to ground. "Oh no Galrick are you ok?" Asked Goku as he picked up Galrick. "Y-Yeah its just Uub really did a beating on my body!" Said Galrick."Yeah well I'm pretty beat up to!" Said Uub Jr. "Hey Vegeta can you help me out?!" Asked Goku Jr. "Fine!" Said Vegeta Jr. As he held Galrick up on the left side and Goku help him up on the right side. "Now lets go home guys and a get meal and some sleep!" Said Galrick. And everyone agreed and they flew off back home to The Lookout.

Suddenly the sky grew dark with pitch black clouds. Red lighting appeared again. The ground began to shake. A strong gust of 400 MPH winds knocked all them to the ground. They looked up and a face appeared in the center of the sky within one of the clouds. "Oh no it can't be!" Yelled Galrick. "Its-the- DEVOURER!" They all screamed.

"MWUAGAGAGAGAHAHA!!!" Laughed The Devourer. "You have all embarrased me for the last time! Forget about merging! Now you will all die all of you and this pathetic planet!" Yelled The Devourer. The Devourer's face disapeared and was replaced by a huge vortex that was about 450 feet wide on each side. The vortext was sucking up everything into it. The entire planet was engulfed in The Devourer's shadow. The dark beams of energy shot from the clouds and peirced the planet's surface. They where heading straight for Earth's core and once they drain the energy from it the Earth will explode.

"No... NO!" Yelled Galrick as he callasped on the ground and slammed his fist into the ground. "Its over its all over!" Yelled Uub. "Where done for!" Said Goku Jr. "T-This is the end." Said Vegeta Jr. "Guys I want you to leave I have to face The Devourer alone" Said Galrick. "N-No what are you insane?! You'll die!" Screamed Uub. "I-I know but... I have to try" Said Galrick. "Galrick no! Please don't do it!" Said Goku Jr. "Grr WHAT CHOICE DO I HAVE?!?!?!" Yelled Galrick. "If I don't try we are all dead for! I will not stand here and let the Eath be destroyed! I will fight!" Said Galrick again. Galrick then flew off into the center of the vortex all alone. "Galrick noooooooo!" Screamed Uub Jr.

Once Galrick made it to the center of the Vortext. He saw a huge ball of red energy with a face in it. It is what The Devourer truly is. A Planet Consuming monstrous demon ball of negative energy. "You will die boy! Unless... of course... you decide to join with me right here and now!" Said The Devourer. "Not a chance in my life!" Said Galrick. "Hpmh. You are a fool. Well if thats your choice prepare to die!" Said The Devourer. He shot a huge beam of energy that hit Galrick knocking him into air laying their lifeless.

As The Devourer prepared to do another blast to finish Galrick. Suddenly Uub,Goku Junior, and Vegeta Junior all appeared. "G-Guys is that you?!" Asked the injured Galrick. "Yeah man we always got your back!" Said Uub. "Right!" Said Goku Jr. "Do you honestly think we would let you die?" Said Vegeta Jr. They all surronded and picked up Galrick. And then they looked back at The Devourer.

"Stupid children! Then you will all die together!" Said The Devourer. Right before he killed them all suddenly Piccolo appeared. "All of you kids leave! Now!" Said Piccolo. "Who the heck are you?!" Asked Uub Jr. "Thats not important leave now I am the guardian of hell! I will return The Devourer back to where he belongs! Just please listen and leave here now before I get angry!" Yelled Piccolo.

"Ok we will but how did you get here?!" Asked Galrick. "The Devourer's negative energy was so intense it opened a dimensional portal to hell that allowed to escape and bring him back! Now go NOW!" Yelled Piccolo"

"Yeah right!" Said Goku Jr. And the rest all flew off back out of the vortext. "You... I know you! Your that Super Namekian Piccolo! But now you died and became the Guardian of Hell!" Said The Devourer. "Well looks like you're not as stupid as you look" Said Piccolo. "Hpmh. Well then you will just die then!" Said The Devourer again. Right before The Devourer attacked Piccolo. Piccolo fired his Special Beam Cannon that disabled The Devourer's left eye. "GAAAAARGH!!!" Yelled The Devourer in pain. "Yes nows my chance! HELL PRISM!!!" Yelled Piccolo as he created a portal and sucked himself and The Devourer into hell. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Screamed The Devourer.

Suddenly all over Earth the clouds cleared and the storms stopped. Now everything was peaceful again. "Looks like that green dude saved us!" Said Vegeta Jr. "Yup!" Said Goku Jr. "Its all over" They all agreed. "Thank you so much.... Piccolo!" Said Dende. Afterwards... Mr. Popo went out on his carpet got the boys took them back to The Lookout. And now peace has returned. And now the Earth is safe. And maybe one day Galrick will find Goku. The End... for now.

Power Levels:Edit

Galrick(4 Years Old): 3,000,000

Galrick(10 Years Old): 200,000,000

Galrick(16 Years Old): 500,000,000

Galrick(Kaio-Ken x10): 5,000,000,000

Galrick(Kaio-Ken x20): 10,000,000,000

Galrick's Father: 200,000,000

Galrick's Mother: 180,000,000

The Devourer(16 Years Ago): 300,000,000

The Devourer(Present Time):11,000,000,000

Uub Jr: 400,000,000

Uub Jr(Kaio-Ken x10): 4,000,000,000

Uub Jr(Kaio-Ken x20): 8,000,000,000

Goku Jr: 100,000,000

SSJ Goku Jr: 5,000,000,000

Vegeta Jr: 100,000,000

SSJ Vegeta Jr: 5,000,000,000

Galrick-The Devourer: 8,040,000,0000

Goku: Unknown but far far far higher than any of theirs.

Piccolo: Unknown but far higher then the others except Goku.

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