Dragon Ball: Zenkai Battle Royale
Developer(s) Namco Bandai
Publisher(s) Namco Bandai
Series Budokai Tenkaichi series
Release date(s) JPN February 4, 2011[1]
Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) Single-player
Platform(s) Arcade
Media Arcade
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Dragon Ball: Zenkai Battle Royale (ドラゴンボール ZENKAI バトルロイヤル) is a 2011 Arcade fighting game.



Zenkai Battle Royale features a similar fighting system to that of Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team. It is the first full 3D fighting game that enables characters to actually run on the ground (contrary to hovering above it like in the Tenkaichi based game). Zenkai Battle Royale also marks a milestone as it is the first commercial 3D title to use GGPO netcode. The single-player modes include battle royale and team battle, and the two-player modes include team battle. Both can be played online as national vs. mode, during which "Competition for Dragon Balls" battles randomly occur: the person who gets first place in a "Competition for Dragon Balls" in battle royale mode gets one Dragon Ball, and the winning pair of the "Competition for Dragon Balls" in team-battle mode get one Dragon Ball each. When seven Dragon Balls are collected, a special bonus is unlocked (such as playable characters like the God of Destruction Bills).


File:Character Select Zenkai.png
  1. Goku (Base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan God)
  2. Vegeta (Base, Super Saiyan)
  3. Kid Gohan
  4. Teen Gohan (Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2)
  5. Piccolo
  6. Krillin
  7. Yamcha
  8. Tien Shinhan
  9. Future Trunks (Sword) (Base)
  10. Future Trunks (Fighter) (Super Saiyan)
  11. Nappa
  12. Zarbon (Base, Monster Form)
  13. Captain Ginyu
  14. Frieza (Final Form; w/ Mecha Frieza as an alternate costume)
  15. Dr. Gero
  16. Android 18
  17. Android 17
  18. Android 16
  19. Cell (Perfect Form, Power Weighted form)
  20. Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan)
  21. Mr. Satan
  22. Videl (Base, Great Saiyawoman)
  23. Gotenks (Super Saiyan)
  24. Dabura
  25. Majin Buu
  26. Kid Buu
  27. Bills
Note: Each Super Saiyan (including Super Saiyan God) can temporarily revert to their base forms when the tension gauge is low. To regain their Super Saiyan form, their tension gauge should be maxed.

Battle StagesEdit

  1. East City
  2. Wilderness
  3. Mountains (near Dr Gero's Lab)
  4. Planet Namek
  5. Destroyed Planet Namek
  6. Martial Arts Temple
  7. Kami's Lookout
  8. Glacier






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