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Dragonball Multiverse or DBM is a Dragonball Z Web Comic, that ignores the events of GT. You can read it here In this the Z-fighters get invited to take part in tournament that takes up many universes to fill up. Each universe is given a number. All the many universes have things that have happened differently. That may mean that a few people are removed, a whole group of people are removed, a whole group of people are added, or a single even is changed that affects other events. It was written by Salagir. Several people work on it and it is translated in numerous languages.


Universe 1

Universe 2

Universe 3

Universe 4

Universe 5

Universe 6

Universe 7

Universe 8

Universe 9

Universe 10

Universe 11

Universe 12

Universe 13

Universe 14

Universe 15

Universe 16

Universe 17

Universe 18

Universe 19

Universe 20

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