As the girls arrived on earth in the city, people looked at the pods and said "More? I thought Goku took care of this!" And the girls all put their scouters on and looked for Vegeta, Goku, and the other Z-Fighters. Then the Z-Fighters all sensed their power and flew as fast as they all could! As they did, they saw fires, heard crashes! And more things that they havn't heard for the longest time they could think of! So they met up and Krillin said "How are we supposed fight these little girls" Krillin said. So Globe said, "I don't like his tone!" So Sphere said " Me eather, and who do they think they are? The wrolds defenders? Ha! I did't think so." So they met up but they all figured out that Vegeta was the strongest one right there and right now. So Orb pointed her finger to Gohan and said, "Him first. Girls, take care of Goku and Gohan, I want to take the hard one my self" The girls nodded their heads and headed off into the fight. Then Vegeta went Super Saiyan and so did Orb, along came Super Saiyan two, and three. Even though Vegeta can go Super Saiyan 3, he just stayed into Super Saiyan 2 as he still looked as if it where the same thing. So the fight began, But Orb went Super Saiyan 4 and Vegeta was so jealus, he turned Super Saiyan 4 also! Then he said, "Wow, just what I wanted for my birthday, a new form of Super Saiyan , Someone to fight, and a new pair of pants."

The End

See you next time on,

Dragon Ball WS!

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