Dragon Ball: Ultimate Tenkaichi
Developer(s) Spike
Publisher(s) Namco Bandai
Series Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi (series)
Release date(s) December 8, 2011JPN
October 25, 2011USA
October 28, 2011EU
Genre(s) Versus fighting
Mode(s) Single-player
Rating(s) ESRB: T
PEGI: 12+
Platform(s) Xbox 360
PlayStation 3
Media DVD
Blu-Ray Disc
Input Xbox 360 Controller
DualShock 3
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Goku and Vegeta Sparring

Development team Spike Co.Ltd in Japan have taken a new approach with the aim of creating a new landmark in the Dragon Ball video game series. The game was announced by Weekly Shônen Jump under the code name Dragon Ball Game Project: Age 2011. Internauts could vote for the name of the game, having the choice between: Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Z, Dragon Ball Z: Saiyan Rising, Dragon Ball Z: Awakening Saiyans, Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi, and Dragon Ball Z: Saiyan Warriors in Europe and North America. The title Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi was eventually chosen and officially revealed on June 30th, 2011.

The first trailer for this video game, still under the name Game Project: Age 2011, was released on May 10th, 2011. The European trailer was released on June 30th, 2011, at Japan Expo 2011. The name Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi was officially revealed primarily and the trailer showcased certain characters of the Saiyan Saga and their attacks, as well as confirmed a release date of October 28th. The demo at the Japan Expo convention included Goku (Base and Super Saiyan), Android 18, Future Trunks (Future Trunks w' Sword), Frieza, Vegeta (Base), Cell (Perfect Form), Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan), and Saibamen. A second trailer was released on June 30th, confirming a release date of October 25th for North America, and displayed several Namek Saga scenes, along with Super Saiyan 3 Goku, and Janemba (First Form). The development team of Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi confimed in an interview that some Dragon Ball GT characters are appearing in this new game.




Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi dives into the Dragon Ball universe with brand new content and gameplay, and a comprehensive character line up. It has faithful manga-style graphics, totally destructible battle fields, and refined controls designed to bring the experience closer to the highly acclaimed Budokai Tenkaichi series.

The character and environment graphics are upgraded since the previous series; characters are drawn straight from the original series and to match the anime and makes it a true Dragon Ball experience. The game features the original Japanese voices and music.

“Impact Break” system allows large scale environment destruction. This includes realistic craters and Kamehameha tracers cutting across the sky, delivering a heightened sensation of realism and dynamic immediacy.

The controls are designed to bring the experience closer to the previous Budokai Tenkaichi series, making the play accessible to all, but retaining all the tactical depth in battle. Improved mechanics allow for faster long-to-short range fights. The gameplay also includes elements from the Budokai series, such as Quick Time Events during certain combos. There is also an added health recovery system and a vast collection of more cinematic camera angles.

Confirmed CharactersEdit

Playable CharactersEdit

  • Goku (Base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 3)
  • Vegeta (Base, Super Saiyan, Ascended Super Saiyan)
  • Majin Vegeta
  • Kid Gohan
  • Teen Gohan (Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2)
  • Piccolo
  • Krillin
  • Yamcha
  • Tien Shinhan
  • Saibamen
  • Nappa
  • Vegeta (Scouter)
  • Cui
  • Dodoria
  • Zarbon (Base, Transformed)
  • Recoome
  • Jeice
  • Burter
  • Captain Ginyu
  • Frieza (1st Form, 2nd Form, Final Form, 100% Power)
  • Future Trunks (Sword) (Base, Super Saiyan)
  • Dr. Gero
  • Android 19
  • Android 18
  • Android 17
  • Android 16
  • Cell (Imperfect Form, Semi-Perfect Form, Perfect Form, Super Perfect Form)
  • Cell Jr.
  • Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan)
  • Bardock
  • Kid Buu


  • Great Ape Vegeta
  • Janemba (First Form)
  • Golden Great Ape Baby Vegeta
  • Meta Cooler Core


Hero ModeEdit

Allows you to create your own custom character, although you must find certain items to get into more depth in your desine. The only way of doing that is to play the story. There are many diiferent options in game such as design and redesign characters, the alternate story world tournament, and the 2nd most important... TRAINING you unlock more masters as you do more story.

The story is that Omega Shenron causes the Ultimate Shenron to make a wish to "make the Earth a living hell" (as said by Piccolo). You have to select a custom hero to try to figure out who did it and why. You pick a small, standard, or heavy; customize him and then you are off to save the world.

Confirmed ArenasEdit



Rainbow In The Universe Evil Desires Chala Headchala


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