One day on earth, Vegeta traind to become SS3. Then bulma came and told him" GET INSIDE! YOU SMELL LIKE YOUR DIRTY SOCKS, NOW GET IN THE SHOWER!" Then Vegeta said"NEVER! BULMOOSE! YOU SMELL WORSE THEN..... Hmmmm, RADITZ'ES ARMOR COLORS! Then bulma said" YOU WOULD'NT DARE! I CAN'T BELIVE I MARRIED YOU!" And so the fighting whent on and on untill after 15 minutes! then vegeta gave up cuz of bulma's Sassyness and Vegeta came in to take a shower. Then Vegeta said with a smurk on his face,"Ha! You think you're so good?!" Than Bulma screamed," I DON'T CARE,JUST TAKE YOUR SHOWER!" Then Vegeta got done with his shower and his hair looked like a clown cause he just took it out of the towel, Everyone laughed! So he dried off and got in his armor. He tried to sneek out but bulma saw his arm out by the edge of the wall, she said" Hello? is that you vegeta! Im so not dealing with YOU!" So she let him out but she didnt talk to him. Then Vegeta came in and everyone was in bed fake sleeping, Vegeta came in bed and Bulma peeped her eyes open and snaped her fingers, Then Yamcha, Tien, Krillin, 18, Puar, Trunks, and bulla popped out and said, HAPPY B-DAY!!!! After all bulma said she really dident mean it! But Vegeta and his pride just didn't care and he said"Leave me im tring to sleep!" But Tein said"Oh come on Vegeta! Have you're B-DAY Cheer! We have cake out on the table?!?!?!??!?!?!? Huh? Huh?" Then bulma joined in and said,' YOU HAD BETTER! WE ALL MADE THAT CAKE JUST FOR YOU MISTER!" So Vegeta woke up,but when he got out, he was in hid B-DAY suit! Everyone covered their eyes and screamed," COVER UP VEGETA!" So he got in his pink shirt and his yellow pants and Got out of his room and Trunks game him a party hat and said,"Happy B-DAY Daddy!" But after the cake he took the shirt,pants,and hat off and got in his armor, again And so he got in the training ship and trained as hard as he could! But he was so stresed, He turned SS3! So he got inside and everyone had scared looks on their faces! Then Vegeta said,'Ha! You do think i surpassed Kakarot!!! Hahahahahaha!" Then everyone Ran as fast as Nappa Chasing them!!! This was vegeta's best day ever! End of part one.

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