Dragonball NG: A New Generation: Keeno saga Is one of the Great Fan Fiction's on the Wiki!

Terror on Jupiter!

After shorty left the forest, terror rained down on Jupiter! The 2 worriors known as Keeno and Nanoya are terrorizing the Rolonians residing along Jupiter and killing some. However, they see a planet and can sense alot of energy coming from the planet. So Keeno grabs Nanoya and Nanoya uses his transmission spell to head to earth where they then find the new Z-Fighters.

The fight Begins!

While Goku Jr., Bardock Jr. and his mom are out having a picnic, Keeno and Nanoya arrive and, unknowingly, crush Goku Jr's. Picnic Basket. Goku Jr. Then asks why they did that and where they came from to which he responds "Why should you know, we are here to fight not talk", Nanoya then intervenes and says "He is here to fight, man what he does is boring". Goku Jr. accepts the challenge due to having some saiyan blood left in him.

How did he learn the Kamehameha?

The fight begins with Goku Jr. attacking keeno by puching and hicking him with all his might, but Keeno acts like a brick wall and dosn't budge against Goku Jr's attacks. He then turns around and oes a strong combo which kicks goku back into a cliff, Keeno walks up and remarks that he though Goku Jr. would be more of a challenge than this. He then charges up a small orange energy ball in his hand and throws it at the injured Goku Jr. Which then falls to the ground, he then gets back up severly injured and charges a kamehameha, but, Nanoya is watching the fight and senses the attacks power so he then uses the Study spell on Keeno and shoots one right back at him.

No choice but to transform!

Goku Jr. decides to transform into a Super Saiyan, while Keeno is thinking that this fight might actually become more interesting. Goku Jr. then moves so fast that neither Keeno nor Nanoya can see him. He then appears behind Keeno and elbows him in the back, stunning him and leaving him open for other attacks, Goku Jr. then attack with the Atomic rush tecnique, severly injuring him. Goku Jr. fires continuous energy bullets at Keeno, seeing this, Nanoya opens up the Reflection spell, reflecting them back at goku jr. and injuring him.

Keeno powers Up!

Keeno decides to transform into the darkness enhancement to avoid any further damage that could be attained by Goku Jr. He then becomes a shadow and attacks Goku Jr from all directions, moving so fast Goku Jr. can not sense his energy.

A Mysterious Stranger

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a spaceship lands with a teenage boy running out, yelling "STOP IT NOW!" Nanoya is suprised to see that Tempest traveled to earth to fight them off. He runs to Bardock Jr. and tells him to fight. In Nanoya's head, he knows now that they will lose. So he uses the Double Spell to create 5 of him, and uses the Growth Spell on Keeno. Tempest tells Bardock Jr. to go join the fight with his father because Tempest knows all of Nanyoya's tricks.

Which one is the real Nanoya?

Tempest chases after the Nanoya's trying to figure out which is the real nanoya, he then kills 2 with a double energy blast, narowing it down to 3, however, the real nanoya waves another double symbol, making there be 13 of them. With the real Nanoya watching the other 12 hail down on him, he creates an explosive wave the almost kills them. He noticed 1 of them was not on top of him and he knew it was the real one because Nanoya dosn't fight. So tempest uses instantaneous movement and teleports behind Nanoya and kills him with the Shining Burst tecnique

Rain of Rage

After witnessing Nanoya's death. Keeno creates a Super explosive wave pushing them all back from him, he then proceeds by using the Galactic Storm tecnique, taking 1 of jupiters moons and shredding it to peices, he then opens the second portal right behind Tempest, and a storm or projectiles rain down own him, the onslaught goes on for 2 minutes, after the rain, not a sound from Tempest, Keeno then uses darkness enhancement and then astonishment rush.

The Final Blow

Bardock Jr. Appears and fires a kamehameha, however, Keeno fires one back at him, but, Bardock wins the struggle. Hurting Keeno, Goku Jr. then rushes in and kicks Keeno is the side, with little effect, then, here fires a energy ball knocking him away, kicking him up in the air, and once again, kicking him in the side sending the monster to the ground. The kick was strong enough to dislodge his heart and kill him.

How is tempest!

After the fight was over, all of them rush to tempest to see if he is still alive. Thay don't know if he is dead or alive, so they take him to Goku Jr's house and try to help him if he is still alive.

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