A New GenerationEdit

The Birthday PartyEdit

30 years has past since the 64th world martial arts tournament where goku dissapeared, and Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. get wed and have thier own sons, Goku Jr. having Bardock Jr. and Vegeta Jr. having shorty. Since then 1 by 1 the original Z fighters passed away, except android 18 who has infinite power (and master roshi ). It was Shorty's birthday and Bardock Jr. showed up to wish him "happy birthday!", up until that point Bardock and shorty have not met and shorty becomes furious at bardock because of his Great-great-great grandfathers burning desire to surpass goku.

Shorty, The new ThreatEdit

Shorty becoming super saiyan for the first time

Shorty, after becoming a super saiyan

After telling his great-great-great grandfather that he will complete his work, and after a long fit of rage, shorty transforms into a super saiyan and absolutely destroys their home. After the force breaks his armor he and bardock have a brief battle in which shorty has the upper hand, as it is revealed that bardock can't go super saiyan. All hope seems to be lost as shorty's power is double that of bardock's until 18 arrives with Koby to wish shorty happy birthday,until they see a fight going on.

Android 18 decides to help bardock and launches a power blitz against shorty, only to rip some of his clothes and cause slight bleeding. Vegeta Jr. And Goku Jr. may have had their differences as children but decide to work together to stop shorty from destroying everything. The battle was long and fierce with goku Jr. and vegeta Jr. using double galick gun and super kamehameha, but when the smoke cleared it revealed that he was alive but badly hurt

The Struggle Of Goku Jr.Edit

Goku Jr, Vegeta Jr, and android 18 faught for thier lives against shorty,until it is revealed that Goku Jr. can use the spirit bomb! Then Koby wants to come in and help her mom and the others, but then 18 remembered what happened when krillin ran into 17 and refused to let him fight. Goku Jr. is almost finished creating the spirit bomb when Shorty uses a super explosive wave to go out and hide from the new Z-fighters.

A Life of Hiding and WaitingEdit

Shorty then fleed to the forest to hid from the Z-fighters until the day he could fight bardock Jr. alone and kill him, along with Goku Jr.

Shorty arriving

Shorty arriving at the sight of the battle

While shorty trained he was unawere that the one and the only 83 year old goku was hovering above him watching him become stronger the entire time he was in the forest. After 5 days the final battle was upon him and shorty gained a power level of 1,675,230.

Shorty then fled the forest and tracked down bardock Jr.

The Final BattleEdit

Goku Lends A HandEdit

Shorty faught Bardock jr. without anybody knowing or seeing except goku, who was watching them fight.

420px-Goku universal spirit bomb

The spirit bomb after goku gives his energy

Shorty then realized that his power level was dropping because every other second bardock jr. was gathering energy for the spirit bomb from him, this is when goku lends a hand and gives bardock a great deal of power in which the spirit bomb almost doubles in size.

The Will to Kill,Gone!Edit

Vegeta Jr. rushes in

Vegeta Jr. gives the warning to shorty

After Bardock Jr. gathers the given energy from goku he fires the spirit bomb. But when he fires the spirit bomb vegeta jr. rushes in and tells shorty that "fighting is one thing, but killing is another. Are you going to go on and let yourself be killed,or are you going to stop this foolishness!" Shorty then realizes that his father is right, the old fueds between goku and vegeta were ment to see if vegeta could become stronger than goku.

Evil VanishedEdit

Shorty then turns out of super saiyan because his will to fight Bardock has been drained by the truth.Goku Jr. then arrives and fights vegeta to show shorty how a real fight is done, Goku Jr. wins and they all head home. 4 days later shorty returns to the place where he trained in the woods to pick up some things left behind only to run into goku about to tell him that his pride was just like vegeta's and that he was proud of him.

Goku talking to shorty

Old goku talking to shorty

They had a short conversation about what the price is for being ruthless and then goku left. The earth was safe from shorty's evil |} |}

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