This article is a work on comedy, please, please, please do not take this seriously. This is an example of what NOT to write.

This is a Dragonball X movie for the real series see here


Gotek= What do you want to do Echo

Echo= uhhh I don't know Gotek

They sense a high power level

Gotek= Woah What was that?

Echo= I don't know let's see

They start looking and find Ako.

Ako= seems I've arrived now to test my skills.

finds Gotek and Echo

Ako= mmmm they'll work

Gotek and Echo start fighting Ako.

Ako= seems they're stronger then I thought.


Gohan= hey Krillin do you now where Gotek and Echo are?

Krillin= No idea.

Tournement Announcer= The World martial arts Tournement is about to begin.

Gohan senses their power

Gohan= I'm going to go find them

Flys to Ako, Gotek, and Echo.

Gotek uses Golden Kamehameha and Echo uses Echo Shot.

Ako dodges.

Gohan then kicks Ako.

Gotek and Echo= hey we had him

Gohan goes Super Saiyan and Ako goes Super Namekian.

They then start fighting. Then Gotek and Echo enter the fight, then get knocked back.

Gohan then Goes Super Saiyan 2, and Ako turns into his giant form.

Gohan doesn't stand a chance then he starts charging a Spirit Bomb (He can make a large one and very quick since he fused with the spirit energy)

Gohan fires the Spirit Bomb and destroys Ako. (or so everyone thinks).

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