Note: Gotek and Echo are the only characters that appear in this movie because everyone else is in a tournament

3 months have passed since the return of Cell and while everyone is in a tournament Gotek and Echo go train.

While Gotek and Echo are training a spaceship lands, and Ako come out. Gotek and Echo together start beating Ako then he goes Super Namekian. Gotek and Echo together are an even match against him, then he goes Giant Form. Gotek and Echo try to beat him, but don't stand a chance. Gotek use his Golden Kamehameha and Echo uses his Echo shot, but it doesn't fase him. Ako then grap Gotek and swallows him. Echo then gets angry and attacks Ako, but it does nothing. Then Ako's stomach starts glowing and Gotek fires a Golden Kamehameha from inside Ako destroying him.

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