Drake is the most cold hearted, selfish, most evil enemy Dax ever knew.But later one of his best friends.Drake is King Vegeta's Eldest son. All about him is his story.



Dark Galick Gun - A truly evil version of Galick Gun.

I Won't Lose! - A self destruction attack.

Full Power Death Beam - A drill attack.

Dark Kamehameha - An attack Drake learned as a good guy.

Saiyan Soul - A power up.

Not Yet....!!!!! - A power up that enters Full Power when his life reaches 0 .

Punishing Blast - An attack Drake uses in his LSSJ3 form.

Full Power - What it says.


Base - Normal Drake.

Dark Super Saiyan - An evil form of SSJ2.

Legendary Super Saiyan - A form Drake can go in his first appearance.

Legendary Super Saiyan 3 - Drake's second form of LSSJ.

Drax - A fusion between Dax and Drake.

Dak - A last-ditch fusion of Potara fusion between Dax and Drake.

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