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When Goku turned ssj2 for the first time agaisnt majin Vegeta the evil inside of him formed and grew.This evil is his regular mind that got earsed since goku hit his head when he was a baby.When goku turned ssj3 agaisnt fat boo,the evil grew more and he couldn't control it in AF.Most of the time the evil controls him while in battles in AF,then after 5 or so he gains control of himself again.When Evil Goku was facing agaisnt Vegeta(Super Saiyan 4),Trunks,and goten Evil Goku and Goku split and were seperated forever.His First Apperance was when Goku(Super Saiyan 4) was fighting Broly(Super Saiyan 4) in Hell.His Kamehameha is black and is a higher rank then the orignal kamehameha,it his named the Dark Kamehameha.He has all of Goku's Attacks but a little different,for example Dark Kaioken, Spirit Bomb.When he goes Ssj4 he has dark monkey hair and a black tail with black ssj4 hair.


A Goku from another dimension, wanted for crimes throughout the entire galaxy. He has destroyed planets and killed millions of innocent people. He looks similar to Goku, but his hi is gray with a red undershirt. When he transforms to any of his Super Saiyan forms, his hair turns red, as well as his eye color.

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