Faru is a human cyborg who made a living by being a bounty hunter.


Faru was turned into a cyborg by a student of Dr. Gero after parts of his skin were dissolved by nuclear chemicals. He was then able to access amounts of power that were god-like compared to a normal human. He then decided to catch criminals using his superhuman strength and become a bounty hunter. Dr. Gero one day hired him but added an upgrade to him to see if he could defeat Goku. 2 years before Raditz arrived on Earth, Faru faced off against Goku and managed to almost defeat him, however, Goku's Super Kamehameha was able to damage most of the metal components on his body. Goku felt sorry for him and decided to help him if he were to stop trying to kill Goku. Faru was then told to go to West City so that Bulma may reconstruct him. After he was repaired he went to live a peaceful life, however, Dr. Gero tracked him down and killed him for failure.

Techniques and AbilitiesEdit

  • Super Human Strength-Faru has strength far above that of average humans.
  • Zō-ryō (Elephant Charge)-Faku clenches his muscles and focuses all the power of his body to make him as durable and tough as an African Bull Elephant. He then charges at the opponent, damaging them critically. He uses this to knock Goku into a mountain.
  • Built-in Scouter-Faru can detect where powerful warriors are using the same kind of built-in scouter that Dr. Gero's Androids possess.
  • Self Destruction-When updating Faru, Dr. Gero implanted a bomb inside his components without Faru knowing in case he lost to Goku, in which case Gero would activate it with his remote control. The bomb was deactivated when his body was damaged by Goku's Kamehameha and then removed after Bulma fixed him.


  • His name is based on the character Falco from Fist of the North Star (although his character dosen't resemble Falco).

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