Burst limit 31R

Gokai using the Fire Kamehameha against Frieza, so that's how the attack seems like.

Fire Kamehameha is a fire varation of the Kamehameha, used by Super Saiyan Gokai in the Video Game Doragon Burst Limito 123 which was created by Raging Gohan.

It's much more powerful than the normal Kamehameha since it can burn or even melt it's opponent, it's fired colored and it was made by fire energy.

It can only be used in the video game if you earn 123 fire items and beat 123 specific opponents, but to even get the 123 fire items, you must finish 10 Dragon Misions for each one and all that in very hard difficulty, but once you get the Fire Kamehameha you will have unbelievable power, you will be able to kill 23 opponents at the same time, so this attack is very dangerous and the only way to survive that attack is to get the Fire Shield.


  • In the Video Games Gokai and the Fire Kamehameha are mistakenly named Goku and Super Kamehameha.
  • Fire Kamehameha is the 123th Kamehameha in the Burst Limito Series.
  • Gokai is a Pun of the Super Sentai Series Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.
  • Fire Kamehameha is the single hardest attack to get in Burst Limito 123.
  • Fire Kamehameha is one of the Strongest varations of the Kamehameha in the Dragon Ball Universe and one of the strongest attacks in the Burst Limito Series.

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