Flame Super Saiyan

FSS Trunks.

The Flame Super Saiyan is a very powerful form of a Super Saiyan. This form has only been obtained in Future Trunks' time.


This form makes the users hair spike up like a normal Super Saiyan, but their hair is orange. It also creates a red, fire aura around the user. It makes the user's eyes dark yellow with an orange outside.


In order to obtain this form the user must first be a Super Saiyan, then the user must get very angry while in the Super Saiyan form (angrier then to obtain the Super Saiyan 2). It has a x410 multiplier.


This form increases the users power by as much as the Super Saiyan 3, however the first time it was obtained it only increased the users power by as much as a Super Saiyan 2.


first to obtain at top and last to obtain at bottom.

  • Future Trunks
  • Future Gohan
  • Future Vegeta
  • Future Goku

Mastered StateEdit

In the Flame Super Saiyan the user cannot control his power output, however with a great deal of training the user can control his power output. When the Flame Super Saiyan is not at it's full power the red aura disappears.


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