Fresca is a Namekian Warrior who appears in Dragon Ball Infinity. He debuted in the episode "Return to Planet Namek"


Fresca looks like Nail and Piccolo , except he's taller.



Fresca's power level is close to Frieza's(last form) power level. However, he was not there to fight Frieza(he is Elder Moori's son, born after the Shadow Dragon saga in GT)


Fresca has made many important appearances in DB Infinity.

Fresca vs. Frieza

Frescillo(Piccolo fused) vs. Cell

Fresca vs. Buu

Fresku(Goku fused) vs. Super Buu

Freskito(Vegito fused) vs. Super Buu

Fresca vs. Amond

Freskita(Vegeta Fused) vs. Amond

Fresca vs. Shadow Krillin, Shadow Tien, Shadow Piccolo, and Shadow Yamcha

Frescillo vs. Omega Shenron

Freskugeta(Gogeta Fused) vs. Platinum Great Ape Gohan


Fresca Beam:A basic energy wave that separates into many. Fresca controls when they explode.

Defense Up:Fresca gets hit by an energy wave aimed at him, then turns that into a shield

Special Beam Cannon:Learned from Piccolo

Fire Beam: Shoots Fire

Ice Cannon: Freezes Opponent


"I never thought there was a Namekian stronger than me. Piccolo, we need to do fusion"

"You're Goku!? No wonder you beat Cell"

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