Frigo is an incredibly powerful character who appears in Dragon Ball Z: New Design and Dragon Ball Unbeatable. He is from the same race as Frieza. His name is fridge in Italian.



Like all from Frieza's race Frigo uses a number of forms to increase his power.

1st Form

Frigo's first form looks like first form Frieza, except he is black and green, has a mouth-guard thing like Cooler, and wears the under clothing of the Saiyan armor.

2nd Form

Frigo's second form looks like second form Frieza, but he is slightly shorter, and he has two sets of horns that a slightly tilted. He wears only the pants and boots of the Saiyan Armor and he has the mouth-guard.... and he is black and green.

3rd Form

In his third form, he looks like Frieza in his final form, but he is black and green, has a mouth-guard thing, and wears the same thing as in his 2nd form.

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