" Hahaha! I'm most powerful creature in the universe!"
— Froza to Z-Fighters


Froze 1st form

Froza is Ice-Jin and he is brother of Frieza and Cooler. He will appear in Dragon Ball S.


He looks like Frieza, but on all places where Frieza has purple, he is blue and his suit is green. His skin is also blue.


Froza is twin with Frieza. Froze was much stronger than Frieza was, so they putted him in Black Hole. He survived and started to train.


His power level as born was 300.000 at 1st form. When he grow up, his power was 10.000.000 at first form.


  • First form
  • Second form
  • Third form
  • Full power fourth form
  • Fifth form


  • Flight
  • Eye Laser
  • Supernova
  • Homing Destructo Disk
  • Mouth Blast
  • Energy Absorbing


  • His name is pun of Freeza.

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