new namek


adult trunks ssj1

The story starts off with Super Majin Buu Destroying Cities Turning humans into chocolate future trunks comes and trys to save the people . Super

future gohan ss 2

Majin Buu Then Attacks Future Trunks getting punched dozens of times by Majin Buu he almost gets killed. Bulma seeing a bomb ran over to where Trunks Was And Trunks Said He Needed To Go To New Namek To Get A Wish From The Dragon.Bulma Now Knowing Where New Namek Was Created A Space Ship and Trunks went to New Namek. They Revived every one they saw Bardockig Vegeta buu used a volley of energy blast as soon as they arrived but luckly picollo save all of them and stalled. all of them went to capsule corp and n noticed a time machine trunks explaining what happend and now having a new time machine went to the past and got goten gohan trunks and vegeta, and goku. During the time yamcha and tien got absorbed by buu including the humans again so it was only up to the z fighters. but since Majin Buus power is so great none of them can beat buu. so goku brought some potara earings and went to supreme kais world to get some more while that happend .Future Trunks and the other fighters went to Kami's Lookout to go train.FutureTien and Yamcha Went To Kamis Lookout But Got Stopped By Majin Buu.Tien an Yamcha Stood In Fear Until They Saw Buu Attack Them Majin Buu Punched Tien.Yamcha Tried To Kick Majin Buu.

Trunkten In Base Form Preparing To Fight The New Powered Super Buu


majin buu choclate beam

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