Galic Gun

Galick Gun

Galick Gun is a technique created by Vegeta. Vegeta first used this against Goku in the Saiyan Saga.The Galick Gun basicly looks likes a purple Kamehameha, but is fired slightly differently. Unlike the Kamehameha wave, the aura doesn't originate in the person's hand. For the Galick Gun, the aura goes all around the user.



  • Double Galick Cannon: Used to kill Pui Pui.
  • Final Burst Cannon: A super-charged Galick Gun used against Frieza.
  • Super Galick Gun:
    Baby Vegeta Golden Oozaru Super Gallick Gun

    Super Galick Gun

    Used by Great Ape Vegeta and Great Ape Baby
  • Continuous Super Galick Gun: A rapid-fire variation of the Super Galick Gun used by Great Ape Baby Vegeta.
  • Double Galick Gun: Us

    Double Galick Gun

    ed by Vegeta against Freiza.
  • Finger Galick Gun: Used by Vegeta to destroy Planet Arlia.
  • Galick Blazer: An energy sphere version of the Galick Gun used by SSJ3 Vegeta in Dragon Ball Heroes.

    Finger Galick Gun


Crimson galick gun

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