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God Breaker
Goddo Bureika
Alternate names Defensive Burst[1]
Junction Energy Blast[1]
Debut Manga: "The Second Super Saiyan"
Anime: "Welcome Back Goku"
Inventor Future Trunks
Users Future Trunks
Present Trunks
Class Energy Wave
Color Template:Color & Template:Color
Similar techniques Burning Storm
Change the Future
Another End

God Breaker (ゴッドブレイカー) is an energy wave attack used by Future Trunks in his Super Saiyan form. Trunks extends his hand forward and fires a yellow energy wave at his opponent, inflicting a great amount of damage.


King Cold is killed by Trunks

Future Trunks uses the God Breaker to kill King Cold

Future Trunks uses this attack at Northern Wastelands to kill King Cold. After receiving Future Trunks' sword, believing it to be the young Saiyan's source of power, King Cold tries to slash him with it. However, Future Trunks easily catches the sword with his bare hands and blasts a hole through King Cold with the God Breaker, gravely injuring and blasting the tyrant onto the side of a cliff. Future Trunks then destroys King Cold's body with a second God Breaker; in the anime version, King Cold desperately begs for his life before the second attack. In both versions, Future Trunks uses the God Breaker once again to destroy King Cold's spaceship.


Trunks uses an attack similar to the God Breaker in GT

Future Trunks also uses yellow energy waves similar to the God Breaker in the following Rush Attacks: Shining Sword Attack, Change the Future, and Another End.

In the episode "The Resurrection of Cell and Frieza" of Dragon Ball GT, Present Trunks uses an attack very similar to the God Breaker, but in his base form.

Appearances in Video Games

God Breaker was named in the Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans video game, where it appears as one of Future Trunks' most powerful attacks in his Super Saiyan form.