Gogetenks is a Mixed Super Saiyan.
Correct gogetenks

Gogetenks in his Ultimate State


Gogetenks in his Unmastered State

Appearance (Unmastered State)Edit

He is first born a Mixed Super Saiyan. His hair is like Gotenks, but in the middle Super Saiyan Gogeta. His vest is like Gotenks' but are cuff's like Gogeta. He has the body figure of Gogeta though.

Ultimate StateEdit

In his Ultimate State, He still has purple and black hair but Blonde Hair (First Form and a little bit darker, but his vest is half like Gotenks and half likeGogeta's. His belt is the colors of both.


He was supposed to beat Arctic, but defeated Jenembuuin his Untold Second Coming.

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