One day Goku and Bulma and Vegeta got a Big sandwitch and headed of to the beach.

Goku and Vegeta-YUM!!!


Then nimbus hit goku for no reason,Ok,because Nimbus took Goku's House Keys.It hit him.So all of a sudden Goku Lost his sandwitch.


Goku-I want a sandwitch.

Then a Witch came out of nowhere,and if you havent read the book,She was made of sand.

Sand Witch-Hello.

Goku-have I read this before?

Sand witch-Do as I say,and I'll be yours.

Goku-But I meant-

Sand witch-Hush.Follow me to the Dishes.

3 hours had passed since then,And Goku's only award was More Sand.


Sand witch-Good job.Now for your Reward...

Goku-NOOOOOOO<Runs away>

Sand Witch-<Holds a sandwitch>??????I thought He loved these...Oh well<Eats it>

Bulma-Goku...Goku....Wake up...

Vegeta-You got hit by a cloud...Not suprised...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

All-Crickets sounds



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