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Goku X

Goku is a pure hearted saiyan who protects the Earth. He has a wife, Chi-Chi, and his two sons, Gohan and Goten. He also has a grandaughter and grandson, Pan and Gihan. They lived in peace after defeating Kid Buu. Goku has 8 transformations, Super Saiyan 1-4 and Super Saiyan X1-4. His friend and rival, Vegeta, trains hard to surpass Goku. He is also very strong.


Super Saiyan XEdit

Super Saiyan X Goku attained this form when using the False Super Saiyan state. While seeing if False Super Saiyan is a stronger version of Kaioken, he powered up and transformed into Super Saiyan X. In this state, Goku can use 50X Kamehameha, and can hold more energy in the Spirit Bomb. His hair also turns red. His eyes turn blue, but that is normal to a Super Saiyan. Ki constantly rises due to the hatred and rage required in this form (but only slight rage and hatred are required.)

Super Saiyan X2Edit

Super Saiyan X2

Goku attained this form while fighting in Super Saiyan X. He tried to use Kaioken, but instead increased his power to activate Super Saiyan X2. In this state, his Ki raising rate increases due to the increase in hatred and rage and almost has enough hatred to kill someone he loves (we all know that Goku is pure hearted, but the form is so strong that the hatred can overcome it :/) However, this much hatred is only in levels SSJX3 and SSJX4.

Super Saiyan X3Edit

Goku activated this form when he got mad when he couldn't master the Kaioken/Super Saiyan X2 Collabration. In this state, the ki raising rate increases rapidly, and he can kill anyone that's not very close to him.

Super Saiyan 4XEdit

Goku attained this form when he noticed the earth nearly exploding, his friends and family members nearly dead, and having no hope left. In this state, his ki is nearly infinite, and he can kill everything, even his family. He is souless in this state.

Elemental StatesEdit

He has many elemental states, such as Air, Water, Ice, Lightning and Earth. They all boost his power and also one gives him infinite energy.

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