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Goku already won

Goku can easily beat him!

If Goku had a fight with that Naruto guy, who would win? Well lets use logic! Gokus power level is somewhere around 15,000,000, while Narutos is like 200 or even less. Can Naruto perform a Kamehameha? hmmm..... I thought not! Can Naruto do a Kaio-ken? No, he can't even use a Kaio-ken X1! Much less can he move as fast as Goku? Goku would DEFINETLEY win! Naruto can't perform a Spirit Bomb either!

Winning chances:

1. Goku= 99.99999%

2. Naruto=0.00001%

Booo Naruto!


(oh and you too Vegeta, I just don't like you as much as Goku)

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