Golden Oozaru Saiyan Goku

goku as a Golden Oozaru Saiyan

Golden Oozaru Saiyan(Oozaru is the same thing as Giant Ape) is a form of Super Saiyan that can only be achieved by gaining control over the primal mind. Vegeta is the first person to achieve this form and followed by Goku and Gohan.


For this particular form the saiyan needs to take control over his or her subconscious and the primal mind when in the Oozaru(Giant ape) form. After becoming self aware the saiyan can take the form of the golden giant ape and after more practice the golden Oozaru can be concentrated in this new more powerful form.


This new variation has almost unlimited stamina and unparalleled physical strength far beyond even that of any other Super Saiyan transformation.


  • This form is referred to be the Alternate form of the Super Saiyan 4.
  • This forms opposite, Zen Saiyan, is just as powerful as this form.
    • If both forms can be awakened, it unlocks the final Super Saiyan form. This form has not been given a name yet.

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