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normal goruto

Goruto is the Fusion Dance of Naruto and Goku. His strongest rival is Sasgeta.


Super Saiyan Goruto transforms into a Super Saiyan in his battle against Sasgeta, but Sasgeta was stronger.

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The power of Goruto in this mode gives all the habilities of Goku in Super Saiyan mode and increase the skills of Naruto and the power of his jutsus even level never seen before, such as creating a million Shadow Clones or a Giant Rasengan of a similar size of a Genki Dama.


When Goruto becomes angry he gains power from Kurama the Nine Tailed Demon Fox. His power becomes incredible. With the power of the nine tails Goruto has a near instantaneous healing wounds inflicted, so if you received a mortal wound and heal would become stronger (for the Saiyan ability to become stronger after every fight). The longer the power is turned Kurama desvetaje to spiral out of control and lose consciousness itself causing the Nine tails chakra merged with the power of the Great Ape. If he loses his control of this form, he could potentially tear himself apart.

Kyuubi goruto by db own universe arts-d39w77k

Nine Tailed Great ApeEdit

When Goruto gets angry he turns and looks at the moon. Then he turns into the Nine Tailed Great Ape.

Can also occur while Goruto spend too much time in the kyubi chakra mode, He loses the reason and consciousness. Nine Tailed Great Ape has enough power to destroy the earth with ease, almost at a stroke the ground, and can only be stopped until the merger ends after 30 minutes. The only true weakness Nine Tailed Great Ape has is that his Great Ape and Kurama personality struggle to inhabit the same body, so if he uses too much power, he can destroy himself.

Copy of Jasmine 25

Nine tails Great Ape

Apparently using Bijuu Super Saiyan, Goruto longer has this problem and can use the chakra of Kurama and Great Ape force safely.

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