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Gotan is a character created by Goten17.

Gotan is the son of Goten and the youngest Super Saiyan at the age of 4.Gotan is a Little Z fighter who appears Constantly through out Dragon ball ANB.


Gotan wears the exact same thing Goten wore as a child.

Only he has a little round master name thingy on it. It says His Grandfather's name on it.

Abilities and Weapons:Edit

Sword -A Sword was carried out From Dax to Gotan holds incredible Strength.

Kamekameha -This was taught to Gotan by Goten.Like goten,Gotan had the same Tongue twist on it.

Ki blast -The most Basic form of Energy Wave.

Full Power Energy Wave-Gotan's ultimate as in Base form.

Sprit Bomb - Gotan learned this from Goten.But he didn't have time to Practice after sensing the greatest PL-Drake's Uncle. Gotan used this as the Final Blow.

Gotan using A Kamehameha


Base-Normal Gotan

Kaioken x20-Gotan least powerfull Kaioken, Showing how powerfull he is.

Super Saiyan - Gotan Natrualy became a Super Saiyan. In AF, you don't try, do it, and that's what Gotan did.

Also appeared in:Edit

The Drake Saga - Part two Gotan,Goku and Vegeta jr fight Drake, almost seemingly died but came back as a suprise Attack.

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