Vegeta whan arriving on Namek. 24,000

Gohan when arriving on Namek. 7,000

Krillin when arriving on Namek. 6,500

Dodoria. 20,000

Cui. 18,000

Zarbon. 21,000

Zarbon monster form. 28,000

Vegeta after healing. 30,000

Recomme. 45,000

Guldo. 8,500

Gohan after power unlock. 14,000

Krillin after power unlock. 13,000

Jeice. 43,000

Burter. 42,000

Captain ginyu. 120,000

Goku leaving Earth. 14,000

Goku arriving on Namek. 90,000

Goku kaio-ken X2 180,000

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