One day at the kame house....

Gohan: Ugh, theres nothing on TV!

TV: Are you bored of being bored?

Gohan: Um, i don't know what that means but, Yes!

TV: Well don't be!

Gohan: Oh gee, I wonder what's going to happen! Sigh.

TV:There is a new exighting TV show called....

Gohan: Oooooooooo! New show! MUST SEE!

TV: In another world, called Namek, there was a cute little Namekian!

Gohan: If theres a cute Namekian it's Dende, thats the only one I saw.

TV: It's......

Hello Piccolo!

This is soo stupid! Turns off

Gohan: WHAT? TELL ME!!!!

TV: Hello Piccolo! Dan da na na!

Gohan: Ugh! *Turns off*

The End!

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