Jay is one of the strongest Z fighters. He is the son of Pan. Jay appears in Dragon Ball Infinity. He is strangely 100% saiyan, even though he should be 1/8 saiyan. He debuted in the episode "The Jay Has Landed"


Jay vs. Frieza(Final Form)

Jay vs. Perfect Cell

Jay vs. Friegeta

Jay(SS) vs. Kid Buu

Jay(SS) vs. Super Janemba

Jay(SS) vs. Broly(SS)

Jay(SS2) vs. Broly(SS)

Jay(SS2) vs. Broly(LSS)

Jay(SS2) vs. Hatchiyack

Jay(SS3) vs. Dragon Perfect Cell

Jay(SS3) vs. Cyber Perfect Cell

Jay(SS3) and Kenny vs. Cyber Perfect Cell

Jay(SS4) and Infinity Goku vs. Amond

Jay(SS10) vs. Amond

Jay(Phoenix Form) vs Amond

Jay(SS4) vs. Shadow Z Fighters

Jay vs. Shadow Future Trunks


At the age of three, he was by far the strongest Z Fighter

At the age of seven, he beat up Broly many times, wishing him back with Shenron's help

When he was 10, he could go Super Saiyan.


At age three, Jay had small arms and legs, and black hair that went forward in spikes. When Jay was 7 years old, he looked like Teen Gohan Super Saiyan 2 all the time. At 15 years old, he looked like Ultimate Gohan.


Super Saiyan: Edit

Jay can go super saiyan

Super Saiyan 2:Edit

Jay went Super Saiyan 2 after witnessing his best friend, Gohan's, death.

Super Saiyan 3:Edit

Jay trained in 700,000,000,000 times earth's gravity.

Golden Great Ape:Edit

Jay saw the full moon in the battle with Friegeta

Super Saiyan 4:Edit

Jay transformed after turning golden great ape.

Super Saiyan 10:Edit

Jay's power level as a super saiyan 10 is near 180,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. He turned SSJ10 after seeing the last hope for earth, Infinity Goku, get killed by the evil Amond. He wasn't strong enough, so he resorted to his final technique, Phoenix Power. After that, he forgot how to transform.

Infinite Saiyan:Edit

Jay became an Infinite Saiyan while he was in Otherworld

Jay as an Infinite Saiyan

Phoenix Form:Edit

This form puts too much strain on his body, he uses it as a last resort, causing the universe to be destroyed.


Flight: The ability to fly with use of Ki

Kamehameha: Jay shoots a green kamehameha

Falcon Fist: An Incredibly Powerful Melee attack so fast, reflexes can't react

Omega Kamehameha: A full power kamehameha that can be up to 100 miles high and wide!

Phoenix Power: Destroys everything in the universe. Returns to life in a few years

Infinity Beam: Jay and Infinity Goku both shoot a combined Kamehameha

Instant Transmission: Jay can Teleport!

Multijay: Jay duplicates himself

Masenko: Jay learned the Masenko from Gohan

Special Beam Cannon: Jay Saw Piccolo and copied it


"I will return from death, rising from the ashes and returning reborn!"

"I will avenge you Goku, I promise. Now, Omega Kamehameha!!"

"You killed my best friend, Gohan, and now I'll repay the dept...By Killing You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"So you're Buu. I expected you to look intimidating, not stupid and pink"

"Man, I'm powerful. I might as well be immortal"

"You're strong! I'd like to fight you again someday!"

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