The Jeenking Timeline is an alternate timeline created by Jeenking. In this Timeline King Vegeta went SS2 and SS1 and defeated Frieza. But Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta before he could stop him. The only survivors were Turles, King Vegeta, Bardock, and Vegeta. Vegeta was sent to Earth in an Attack Pod and stopped the Nameless Namek before he could split into Kami and Piccolo. King Vegeta, Bardock, Vegeta, Nappom (King Vegeta and Mrs. Briefs son), and the Nameless Namek formed the Gold Fighters. They were the defenders of Earth in the Jeenking Timeline. Also in this Timeline the Dragon Balls are called the Holy Balls. The Holy Balls were created by the Nameless Namek and the Holy Balls can do anything Shenron can do but with 3 wishes. The Dragon of The Holy Balls is the Holy Dragon of the West.

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